Find out more about about our graduates and their careers

Our Materials Science and Engineering graduates go on to have interesting and varied careers after being prepared for their exciting future through their studies at Swansea University.

Timothy Rudd, Asset Inspection/Integrity Engineer, Valero

Tim Rudd

"Materials at Swansea was fantastic!

Swansea has a well-deserved, excellent reputation for Engineering, which is evident in the vibrancy that is evident throughout the school.

As Swansea’s Engineering department is research-led, there are frequent opportunities to work with lecturers who are recognised as world-leaders in their respective fields.

I spent a sandwich year at a Chevron refinery which gave me a lot of relevant experience and helped in the third year of the course. I was actually hired by Chevron after completing my degree, so the experience and work definitely proved worthwhile."

Sharon Bishop, Communications & Engagement Officer for the SPECIFIC Project

Sharon Bishop

Sharon graduated in BEng Materials Engineering in 1998, and then completed her MRes in 1999.

"The course gave me an understanding of how science and engineering works, which has been vitally important in my career ever since. Although I am not an engineer myself now, I work closely with a lot of scientists and engineers, helping them to translate and communicate their work with different audiences. The course also gave me a passion for engineering that I have never lost, and I love being able to share that with other people.

Before coming back to Swansea University, I was Director of The Times Cheltenham Science Festival, which is one of four festivals organised by a charity called Cheltenham Festivals."

Zak Barrett, Materials and Processes Engineer, Airbus

"I decided to study at Swansea University primarily because the degree is well-recognised by industry. The location by the sea is also great as I like to surf.

Swansea has a very good reputation for metallurgy and materials science. The University is particularly well-regarded by the aerospace industry. Swansea’s reputation helped secure my current job.
My role as a Materials and Processes Engineer involves using materials science knowledge like forensics, looking at failure analysis. It is a great job!

My favourite memories of Swansea is how it was such a lovely place to work. The relaxed atmosphere helps you to study. I’m an outdoors person so the Gower and Swansea Bay were great to have close by."

Chris Melvin, Process Engineer, TATA Steel

"I completed my Materials Science and Engineering degree and continued to study here on the MRes Steel Technology and then an EngD as it is a fantastic chance to complete an industry-led research project. I decided to study at the College of Engineering because of the links with industry and I would like to stay here and become a researcher.”

Chris is currently finalising his thesis for a Doctorate in Material Science and Engineering here at Swansea University