Ceramic Matrix Composites

Ceramic systems have long been considered as potential replacements for metallics for selected gas turbine applications due to their superior high temperature capabilities and significant reductions in density. The fundamental brittle nature of ceramics, however, does not support damage tolerant design and component lifing which is a major consideration for safety critical parts. The preferred approach adopted to improve damage resistance, crack growth and toughness of ceramics has been to process them in the form of ceramic matrix composites, i.e. embedding a second ceramic reinforcing phase within a ceramic matrix. Previous Swansea UTC research has assessed the mechanical performance of continuous fibre reinforced silicon carbide and alumina based materials at test temperatures up to 1400oC.

Ongoing research is now concentrating on novel test development to monitor damage accumulation in CMCs under static and cyclic loading, utilising digital imaging and automated potential drop techniques, forming part of a significant global strategy for the development of CMC components.

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