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The College of Engineering extends a warm welcome to students from South Asia. We value your contribution to the student community and we currently have students from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka studying various engineering disciplines here. Find out what it's like to study here from our students below.

Engineering at Swansea University is a UK Top 10 department and the College's Research Environment is 2nd in the UK only to the University of Cambridge.

95% of our graduates are in employment or further education within 6 months of graduating with the average Engineering starting salary being £26,536. Students have gone on to work for the international companies including Ministry of Defence, Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, British Airways, Valero and Atkins to name a few. 

We are proud of the success of our academic staff and graduates in helping to engineer our future. With our world-class research, links with industry and outstanding facilities, we provide a great start to the future career of our students.

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Blyton Pereira, Aerospace Engineering

Muntazer Ali, Civil Engineering

Karthik Suresh, Computational Mechanics

Vighnesh Daas,BEng Civil Engineering

Vighnesh Daas

“It has been a completely amazing experience to study at Swansea. I decided to study Civil Engineering at Swansea University as it is amongst the top ranked universities in the UK for Engineering.

For cost of living, compared to cities like London, which is much more expensive, Swansea is more cost effective."

Jatin Patrick, BEng Aerospace Engineering (with a Year in Industry)

Jatin Patrick

"I integrated the knowledge I gained at the College of Engineering with the activities that I was responsible for in my placement

Everything I learnt at the College of Engineering facilitated my performance at my placement at every level.

This in turn helped me to understand modules better once I got back to University. It helped me to visualize and analyse the application of the theories and experiments in industry."

Mayur Pal, PhD Computational Engineering

Computational engineering

"I decided to study at the College of Engineering because it got good reviews from my Master’s Thesis supervisor at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden and Bachelors Thesis supervisor at IIT-Roorkee, India.

Studying at the College of Engineering provided me with a very high level of technical education and significant international exposure. As a result of this, after finishing my PhD I had several job offers and I took the one that suited me best.

Currently I am working as an Associate Research Reservoir Engineer at the Shell International Exploration and Production Research Centre in the Netherlands."

Kamal Darlami, MSc Computational Mechanics

Kamal Darlami

“The best thing about Swansea University is the support you get both in academic and non-academic matters. It’s always amazing to get an opportunity to learn new things from the pioneers of their respective fields. The faculty members are very supportive and very dynamic.

I loved the course curriculum, which are designed for both industrial and research fields. This will give us more flexibility to our options to select our expertise. Tutorials were always helpful and I always enjoyed attending the seminars here

I often enjoyed the view of the beautiful beach, which I could never see in my landlocked country.

For the long term I would like to extend my career as a research professional either in academic or commercial research oriented organisation. But for the near future, after graduation I am planning to pursue my PhD first.”

Blyton Pereira, BEng Aerospace Engineering (with a Year in Industry)

Blyton Pereira

“I decided to come to Swansea due to its great reputation in the UK and the world. In terms of research Swansea is ahead in the field carrying out breakthrough research.

One of my favourite memories of the Aerospace Engineering course was working on the aerodynamics of an aircraft which took place in our third year. 

Another fond memory was when I received the Top Student Award for Aerospace Engineering which was a combined effort of hard work and dedication and the support of my family and friends."

Ravi Chitwan, MSc Materials Engineering

Ravi Chitwan

"This great institution best known for its multidisciplinary approach combines some of the world leading academic minds with the state of the art research and development facilities.

A chance to be a part of formula 1 race team where I can actually implement my engineering knowledge with a freedom was one of its kind.

The academic and administrative staff are humble, attentive and dedicated to help you whether it is an intriguing academic query or just a case of lost pen drive. These things motivated me to study at the College of Engineering.

The amount of confidence, research experience and technical knowledge I gained at the College of Engineering helped me to secure a PhD in Aerospace Materials Engineering."

Dhrubajyoti Mukherjee, MSc Computational Mechanics

Dhrubajyoti Mukherjee

"I had a great time here in Swansea University. I was a member of Swansea University Dance society and performed in annual dance show in Taliesin last two years. I was also involved with the volunteer organisation “Discovery”. I have made great friends from around the globe and hope that this friendship withstands the test of time.

Studying at Swansea University is one of the best choices I have made in my life. I wish the same for you.”

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Arun Raaza, MRes Communication Systems

Arun Raaza

“When I came to Swansea I was eager to achieve something in life and needed to mould my career. My supervisor Dr Amit Mehta and Swansea University taught me, moulded me and fed me with the knowledge I was expecting.

I am a scientist now with 9 patents, 40 publications, Head of the Department Electronics and Communications Engineering – VELS University at the age of just 24, consultant to various telecom firms across the world. Much of the worldwide recognition happened only since I joined this super Swansea University.”