China Scholarship Council

Dr James Holness will be at the International Scholarship Graduate Fair in Beijing please email for more information.

The College of Engineering at Swansea University works in collaboration and supports China Scholarship Council PhD students. 

We currently have a total of 500 postgraduate students and 120 research staff who come from all around the world. Our ranking as a UK Top 10 research college means that you will be taught and/or supervised by world-class academics who are pioneers in their fields.

To read about our various areas of research click here.

If you would like to study a PhD at the College of Engineering please contact a member of academic staff who you would like to be supervised by. You can find a list of staff and their research interests at the College of Engineering here.

The supervisor will then make an application to the College and if successful will give you advice on when to apply to the China Scholarship Council.


Bin Chen - PhD Student

Bin Chen Swansea University

"The main reason I chose Swansea is its world leading research in the area of computational engineering. It makes me feel excited to pursue my PhD degree in the place where the Finite Element Method (FEM) was developed. In addition, the coastal city is also very beautiful. Both the two of the campus are very near to the sea. I enjoy the seaside view here very much.

My favourite part of studying here is that I can code my own program here to solve engineering problems. During the past two years, I have got a deeper understanding on numerical simulation. Another thing is that I also work as a demonstrator for some courses, which makes me a part of the university."

Tingting Zhao - PhD Student

Tingting PhD Student

"I think applying for the CSC scholarship is a smart choice. It is a good opportunity for us to learn abroad. If any students want to apply for the CSC scholarship they should make contact with the supervisor as soon as possible and make sure they meet the English language requirement.If you specify your research interest that will help you save a lot of time during the PhD period.

The thing I like most at Swansea University is the supportive environment. No matter what difficulties I meet in academic and life, I can always find someone who can help me."