Engineering Brighter Futures

‌The College of Engineering extends a warm welcome to students from Africa. We currently have over 120 students from Angola, Cameroon, Egypt, Kenya, Liberia, Libya, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Tunisia, Zambia and Zimbabwe studying various engineering degrees.

95% of our graduates are in employment or further education within 6 months of graduating with the average Engineering starting salary being £26,536.

Students have gone on to work for the international companies including Ministry of Defence, Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, British Airways, Valero and Atkins to name a few.     

Our knowledgeable academic staff and students are valued by companies to bring a new perspective and insight into the latest engineering developments. Our research has made a real impact on engineering our future.

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Stephanie wins top student award for Electronic & Electrical Engineering

Stephanie wins top student award

Augustin Egwebe, PhD Electronic & Electrical Engineering

Mark Hanna, Aerospace Engineering

Mark Hanna

Mark, originally from Egypt, has won awards for being the top Aerospace Engineering for his first and second year.

When asked about the best things about his course he said "The practical work, it's really hands on and we get access to great facilities such as Merlin Simulator.

I loved being given the chance to experience piloting a plane and working on it in a workshop in order to understand the implication of aerospace engineering."

Outside of his course he is part of the Tennis Club, is part of the Aerospace Society and a Student Ambassador.

In the future he would like to be a "successful Aerospace Engineer to help establish a better, more efficient world."

Excel Inatimi Rufus Spiff, Mechanical Engineering

Excel Inatimi Rufus Spiff in Swansea

"3 things you need to know about Swansea, first of all the weather has a mind of it's own!

It could be snowing right now and then the sun shines and in 5 minutes it will be raining, you can't predict it!

Secondly I'm very sporty I play soccer, basketball, volleyball there are a lot of opportunities to play sports here at Swansea University.

Thirdly one thing I have to say about Swansea is that the people here are very friendly and it is not too big, there's a great community of people."

Watch the whole of Excel's interview here.

Zambia Expedition

Every year a team of Engineering and Sports Science students and staff from Swansea University travel to Siavonga & Chingola in Zambia to undertake a two-week humanitarian project.