Debora Cornelia

Degree: Aerospace Engineering

Ever since I was 10 years old I wanted to be an engineer just like Mr Soekarno, the first President of Indonesia who was a Civil Engineer.

I am a mature student and I would set an example to other women out there that with education, courage and determination, women are able to be whoever they want to be. Even after marriage, they can be an engineer, a mother and a wife. 

I would like to help other people who needed help with the skills that I learn during my study, through Engineering without borders and to be a lecturer to transfer my knowledge to other people. 

Jess Li

Degree: MEng Civil Engineering

Company:  Aecom

Role:  Graduate Civil Engineer (Infrastructure Sector)

I decided to pursue engineering as a career because I wanted to be able to look at a bridge or building and say ‘I was part of that’. The thought of being able to transform a drawing into a real life structure is just crazy. As an engineer you are able to contribute to the design and construction of a hospital where people can be treated, or schools where children have somewhere to be educated; that’s what an individual can offer in the engineering industry.

I firmly believe that the engineering industry is for anyone and has so much to offer for anyone’s career path and personal development. I personally feel it is very important for girls to not be afraid of the word ‘engineering’, because girls can bring diversity to the industry.

Dr Shirley Echendu

Degree: BEng Chemical & Process Engineering + PhD Computational Rheology

Company: Imperial College London

Role: Postdoctoral Research Associate

Her interest in Engineering initially arose from her strong desire for maths, physics and chemistry, which she developed in High School during workshops that enacted hands on technology. In High School at year 7, she was awarded best introductory technology student of the year 1997. She chose to study her undergraduate BEng (Hons) degree in Chemical and Process Engineering at London Southbank University. This was completed in 2009, after which she was awarded a PhD EPSRC-CASE Scholarship at Swansea University. She then successfully graduated with her doctoral degree in industrial modelling of reverse roller coating processes in 2013.

She was born in Enugu, Nigeria in 1988, making her the youngest ever PhD holder in Eastern Nigeria.

Dr Laura Baker

Degree: BEng and EngD Materials Science and Engineering

Company: Tata Steel

Role: Senior Manager - Technical & Quality Issues

I have been driven, from a young age, by a desire to understand how things work. My favourite childhood TV programme was Playschool, not for the stories that were told, but because when we went through the square, round or arched window there was a factory on the other side, making stuff. So, maybe it's no surprise that I chose Engineering when I went to study at Swansea University in 1993. An EngD in Steel Technology followed, which then naturally led to a career in Tata Steel.

I now work as a Senior Manager in the Tata Steel organisation, focussing on Technical and Quality issues, but have also had roles in Customer Support, Product Development, Supply Chain and Operations. Working in the Steel Industry has it's challenges, but it's difficult not to be excited by the sheer scale of the operations, from 300t ladles of molten steel to 24 wagon trains carrying steel coils destined for all parts of the UK and Europe.

If you're looking for big stuff, the Steel Industry is a great place to be.

Rachael Olatunji

Degree: Medical Engineering

I like the challenging aspect of engineering, how rewarding and satisfying it may be to solve a problem presented to you.

Also I am appealed to the different types of skills I can pick up from it for example designing on 2D CAD software and an expansion of the maths I have learnt at A level.

I hope in the future to inspire other generations into considering the field of engineering, as I was inspired by women in STEM for example Michelle Khine and Judith Resnik.

In Swansea the beach is just 1 minute from lectures which is great. I hope to do a Masters after my degree and then hopefully have a startup company.

Aimee Berry

Degree: Chemical Engineering

While doing work experience with SPECIFIC, I was shocked at how little women were in the company and from then I knew I wanted to become a chemical engineer.

During my time at SPECIFIC I did research in to titanium dioxide nanoparticles.

It's great to study by the beach and I've recently joined the Engineering society. The lectures are really interactive and the physics and mechanics side is very interesting.

After my degree I hope to go in to research in solar and renewable energy.

Isabel Bolingbroke

Degree: Medical Engineering

Alongside medical engineering, I am particularly interested in renewable energy and the engineering behind it and being able to learn more about what we can do help prevent further climate change.

My ultimate goal is to make and design sports prosthetics and specially adapted wheelchairs (for those who are unable to but wish to participate in sports).

That way everyone has the opportunity to experience the fun and learn the importance of exercise and working in a team, no matter what.

I like the Campus as it's so new and i've also joined the Medical engineering society.