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Engineering has been studied at Swansea University since it began in 1920 and has graduated nearly 2,000 Civil Engineering students.

Building on its established success in this area the College of Engineering has developed a new MSc in Structural Engineering.

This new course aims to provide advanced training in techniques of structural engineering analysis and design.

It is designed to provide specialist postgraduate professional development across the areas of steel and concrete design, structural dynamics, structural mechanics and temporary works, with a strong emphasis on computer modelling and elements of information management.

The latest technical trend in Civil and Structural Engineering includes advanced computational modelling skills, which is part of the core strengths of Swansea’s Civil Engineering department. This strength will be transferred into the new programme to give the graduates key advantages when applying for jobs in industry.

Professor Cris Arnold, Director of Learning and Teaching at the College of Engineering said “The development of this new MSc in Structural Engineering complements well the current MSc Civil Engineering programme. Industries widely welcome graduates with modernised training and broad knowledge and skills in these two related disciplines.

We are excited to provide new opportunities for students and expand our ever-developing postgraduate portfolio.”

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