Female student with VR headset on

A member of the jury viewing the scene of the crime; a researcher getting inside the test tube; a historian having dinner with Henry VII.

Virtual Reality has made all of this possible, and with the speed of development in the world of VR, the possibilities are truly endless across commercial, medical, research, educational and entertainment fields.

In healthcare, VR being used to help surgeons sharpen their skills, and for carers to understand what it is really like to have mobility problems. Professionals are using VR to prepare for interviews, and to gain confidence managing challenging conversations.

Our new MSc will give students a grounding in VR software and the manipulation and creation of assets (3D shapes, sounds and special effects, interact-able objects). Students will work with media, cultural and creative industries, and gain practical and professional development through customer and client interaction.

Right now at Swansea University, VR is being used by our Human & Health department to simulate Radiotherapy environments for students to train in, by our Sport & Exercise department for students to better understand our biomechanics, and our Engineers are exploring thermal reactions from within a blast furnace.

The course is being taught by academics from Engineering, Management, and Arts and Humanities, reflecting the boundless possibilities of VR uses and its career pathways. Course leader Professor Steve Brown is excited about the course's first cohort: "We have been embedding VR into our Engineering degrees in recent years, and seeing its benefits to the students’ learning has shown us what impact it could have on various industries. We looking forward to being able to give students, from all disciplines, the skills to move industry forward in a variety of ways."

The MSc in Virtual Reality is now open for applications and welcomes students from all degree backgrounds. To find out more, go to https://www.swansea.ac.uk/postgraduate/taught/engineering/msc-virtual-reality/