Previous industry-linked projects in the areas of:

Steel-making have covered all aspects from ore to finished, coated strip steel and automotive components. Previous projects include:

  • Sustainable steel construction - a life cycle analysis of steel in construction
  • Surface properties and corrosion characteristics of low tin (Sn) alloy coatings
  • High speed processing of low cost photovoltaics
  • Novel hybrid coatings for high temperature applications
  • Effective computer simulations of hot-forming process for boron steels to support steel development
  • The study of localised corrosion occurring on aluminium using advanced electrochemical techniques
  • Functional coatings for Dye Solar Cells
  • Examination of Boron Steels as suitable ‘Spring Steel’ for automotive rear chassis twist beams

Advanced manufacturing across three themes: Aerospace, Automotive, Packaging. Previous projects include:

  • Anilox cell geometries for printable electronics and flexible packaging  
  • Thermal imaging based melt pool depth prediction system 
  • Characterisation & performance evaluation of calcium treatment in automotive steels
  • Optimisation of the zinc coating surface quality of full finish product for the automotive sector at high line speeds‌
  • Characterising Corrosion on Cr6+- free packaging steels
  • Next generation full finish products for automotive applications
  • Electrical steels for high-functional automotive electrical components for corresponding to energy saving
  • Novel manufacturing methods and design approaches applied to the Land Speed Record vehicle, Bloodhound SSC
  • Advanced Manufacture by Printing of Demonstrators based on Functionalised Nanomaterials

Structural Metals for Gas Turbine Applications have covered metallurgical research across the aerospace, marine and energy sectors. Previous projects include:

  • Small scale testing for aero/nuclear applications
  • Response to cyclic loading for titanium aluminide materials and components
  • Novel testing techniques to characterise advanced structural materials
  • Titanium alloy developments for Vision 10 Fan Disc Applications
  • Understanding the contributions of oxidation damage, mean stress and surface condition on the fatigue crack initiation behaviour of a nickel disc alloy as a result of thermal exposure at elevated temperatures
  • Small scale characterisation of novel aero-engine alloys