Find out more about about our graduates and their careers

Our Electrical and Electronic graduates go on to have interesting and varied careers after being prepared for their exciting future through their studies at Swansea University.

Some of our recent Electronic and Electrical Engineering graduates and their job roles:

George King, Graduate Scheme at Defence Engineering Science Group, Ministry of Defence

‌David Forshaw, Rail and Transport Project Consultancy at Parsons Brinckhoff

Mark Redfern, Graduate Electrical Engineer at Babcock International

Haydn Foster, Graduate Engineer at MIRA (Motor Industry Research Association)

Haydn Foster

““I believe that studying various modules in a vast range of topics helped greatly with both the initial and final interview stages for my graduate job.

MIRA were especially interested in students who had undertaken the Year in Industry programme, so this was a great advantage for both the application and the interview.

I think my best memory of the course, besides my Year in Industry at Red Bull, would be the micromouse project in the second year.

It was a great opportunity to work with some new people and bring ideas together to create an automated robot. Then being able to see the work pay off in the three challenges at the end of the module was a great and exciting experience.”

Lewys Jenkins, Development Engineer for Jaguar Land Rover

"My current role requires the use of the core technical knowledge I gained whilst studying at Swansea, and makes use of engineering management skills in order to deliver projects which are complete effectively and on time.

Swansea provided an excellent foundation in engineering, in both technical and management skills. This, combined with the support I received from the Careers department, has allowed me to secure a position on one of the top rate graduate schemes in the country.

Studying Engineering at Swansea has given me a promising future."

Arun Raaza, MRes Communication Systems

Electrical and electronic engineering

"I decided to study a MRes Communication Systems at the College of Engineering because of  the high profile staff, friendly atmosphere and wonderful research facilities available at the university.

I was told Swansea University was the best university for research and they were right as I have achieved global recognition based on my research here.

I am proud of achieving so much: I have nine patents; I am the youngest Head of the Department - Electronics and Communication Engineering; the youngest IEEE Symposium chair, and act as consultant to several companies worldwide.

I enjoyed each and every second at Swansea University. I would regularly stay at the lab conducting research for up to 20 hours. All the staff were encouraging and provided motivation.

No place in the world can be so supportive and as friendly as Swansea was to me.'

Adrian Koh, Chartered Engineer and holds Professional Engineer status

Adrian graduated with a first class BEng in Electronic and Electrical Engineering and with a PhD in Silicon Carbide Power Semiconductors.  He worked first as a senior development engineering for Philips semiconductors, and then with their separated semiconductor division NXP semiconductors.  He became a senior principal concept engineer, and was then promoted to International Product Marketing Manager with a focus on concept and technical marketing. 

Adrian is now a Chartered Engineer and holds International Professional Engineer status. He also chairs the IET Power Technical Group in Manchester.  Here Adrian describes studying at Swansea in his own words:
"Studying in Swansea University has been an exciting experience. Located along the coastal region of Swansea bay, enclosed by Singleton Park with its state-of-the-art research laboratories and sport facilities, made Swansea University an excellent environment to study.

However, it is not all work and no fun.  Swansea University has one of the most diverse clubs and societies in which students are encourage to participate. Certainly my most memorable time in Swansea was with the bunch of people in the sub-aqua club. An annual dive trip down to Salcombe and Plymouth with the club was the best time I ever had in UK. 
Swansea University has a profound reputation in engineering. The Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree courses are all accredited by the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) making it more desirable to industry. With the current severe shortage of talented engineers in Europe, there could not have been a better time to start pursuing an engineering career."

Jon Holt, Chartered Engineer and founder of a software consultancy company

Jon graduated with a BEng in Electrical Engineering and went on to study for a PhD here too.  He has founded his own software consultancy company Brass Bullet, published two books, many papers and is also a visiting lecturer.  He is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and Fellow of the British Computing Society.  Here he describes his time at Swansea:
''I first came to Swansea to study for a degree in Electrical Engineering. I was still uncertain as to which university I would like out of the five that I had chosen but, after coming for my interview in Swansea, I fell for the place immediately.  The university itself offered a good course and the facilities seemed to be good but it was really the atmosphere of the department, staff and students that made my mind up.
At the end of my studies, I decided that I wanted to study for a PhD and had the pleasure of working with some of the most widely-recognised academics in the field and stayed on for another three years. After this, I worked as a research fellow for a few years before leaving academia to set up an engineering consultancy company, which is still my main job today.
My years at Swansea as a student provided me with an excellent launch pad for my broader engineering career.''

Jonathan Baldwin, Managing Director of Wye River Holdings LLC

Jonathan Baldwin studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Swansea University.

"I am the Managing Director of Wye River Holdings LLC, which is primarily an investment vehicle for start-up and early stage companies with a focus in South Wales. My role is to decide which businesses are selected for investment.

I am a big believer in science and technology for the future so studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Swansea was a core development in my chosen career path. Swansea University gave me the opportunity to learn and has played a huge role in setting me up for success"