Find out more about about our graduates and their careers

Our Civil Engineering graduates go on to have interesting and varied careers after being prepared for their exciting future through their studies at Swansea University.

Emma Basketter, Graduate Engineer, Halcrow

Emma Basketter

'I enjoyed my Civil Engineering course at Swansea University; it was varied and the civil labs were well equipped for plenty of practicals to apply what was being taught in the lectures.

For me the best parts were the team projects, designing and making bridges and then testing them to destruction, and the final year project gave a good taster of engineering in the real world of Civil Engineering. It was great to have friendly and approachable lecturers who were always happy to help.

The campus has a great atmosphere and location, being situated in the parkland between the City and the Gower, there is so much to do. Some of my favourite memories of Swansea are of the Varsity sport competitions against Cardiff and bonfire nights spent out on the beachfront.' 

Chung Hang NG, Graduate Structural Engineer, Atkins

Chung Hang NG

"With the knowledge I acquired from the College of Engineering, it gave me a good competitive advantage in getting a job in the field of engineering as Swansea University is a well-known university which provides high quality engineering courses.

Moreover, the university staff are always helpful and the ranking of engineering of this university is high enough for you to acquire your competitive advantages. So I would recommend any students who have not decided where to study for their engineering degrees to study in Swansea University."

Thomas Dunn, Graduate Civil Engineer, Transport For London

Thomas Dunn, Graduate Civil Engineer, Transport For London

"I believe Swansea really set me up for a career in Engineering, due to the variety of the subjects that were taught and the quality of teaching. I found the lecturers very knowledgeable and approachable and I was able to take advantage of many opportunities.

During a summer I worked for 3 months in India through the IAESTE program and Swansea thoroughly supported me with this.

Due to the reputation that the College has in teaching and research, helped me greatly when applying for jobs as industry professionals regards the engineering department at Swansea very highly."

Reem Boujrad, Graduate Civil Engineering Project Manager, Artelia International

Reem Boujrad

"I'm currently studying for an MEng in Civil Engineering and obviously for Artelia International it is a very relevant degree since it is specialised in the construction, infrastructure and environmental sectors.

During the interviews I thought I was well prepared for the technical questions. Also, all the design and group projects we had done throughout the degree were all very helpful when asked to cite particular examples in specific situations. 

Our surveying trip in first year with the brilliant Prof. Oubay Hassan, the passionate lectures of Prof. Antonio Gil and the brilliant opportunity I was given by my ex-tutor Prof. Tom Chen to co-write a chapter of an engineering book with him following the success of my dissertation."

James Wilkie, Senior Civil Engineer, Energy and Power

James Wilkie

"Swansea specialises in Finite Elemenant analysis and the engineering school is well respected in the industry.

Sometimes you have to be in the right time at the right place, studying at Swansea allowed me to learn about the opportunity at Energy and Power, that along with my degree and masters (both gained at Swansea University) allowed me to be successful in securing a job."

Panagiotis Manis, MSc Civil Engineering, University of Southampton

Panagiotis Manis

"Studying engineering at Swansea University was a sheer pleasure for several reasons. 

To start with, even though the academic staff consists of people with high calibre education and achievements, all of them are friendly, approachable, helpful and supportive.

Moreover, they are incredibly pleased and rewarding when looking at high class projects and eager to add comments to enhance their quality. 

In addition, it is noteworthy to remark that Swansea University is persistent on rewarding and recognising the hard work and commitment of the students by several prestigious awards and prizes (i.e. ICE, ATKINS etc.)."

Michael Weberstadt, Studying a PhD at Swansea

Michael Weberstadt

"As soon as I got to the gates at the entrance to Swansea University, I knew it was somewhere special. I’d visited perhaps 12 other Universities prior to my visit to Swansea, and it was already better than the rest. It was in the middle of a park, it was right by the beach, and it had the right ‘feel’; that all important vibe that makes you comfortable in your environment.

The four years I spent at Swansea University as an undergraduate truly were excellent. Lecturers are enthusiastic about what they teach and are always on hand to answer questions. Modules are relevant and interesting and the university proved to be an excellent base for both studying and celebrating success. I graduated with a First class Masters degree in Civil Engineering in 2010."

Felix Mmeka, MSc Civil Engineering

Felix Mmeka

"I needed to find an amazing city with amazing people and scenes. I also needed a balanced lifestyle of both education and extra-circular activities, plus a low cost of living that I could call home. After 5 amazing years, I can say I haven’t been disappointed with that choice.

My most memorable memory of the course was my 1st year’s Surveying trip to Gregynog, because it encompassed learning with not just real hands on experience, but also having fun and bonding with my course mates."

Ian Tse, Graduate Civil Engineer at Arup

Ian Tse, Graduate Civil Engineer at Arup

"I found that the city of Swansea was relaxing and very casual. I learned a lot about British culture from UK flatmates when I was living in student halls, and it was good to practice my English every day.

The Bay Campus accommodation is very nice because it’s brand new, and the sports facilities are very good, I especially enjoyed playing volleyball on the beach. There was very good care for international students and I felt supported. I learned that if you study hard, you will get good grades".