Find out more about about our graduates and their careers

Our Chemical Engineering graduates go on to have interesting and varied careers after being prepared for their exciting future through their studies at Swansea University.

Daniel Eade, Process Engineer for Valero

Daniel Eade

"Since graduating I took some time doing volunteer work on low cost water treatment facilities in Siem Reap in Cambodia.

I am now working as a Process Engineer for Valero at their Pembroke refinery, and my next goal is to become chartered.

It is still my desire to be in a position of leadership within oil and gas, so I'm just going to continue to work hard, and continue to take any opportunities that will allow me to develop into a leader in the oil and gas sector."

Daniel is pictured with his Salters' Graduate Prize, presented by Lord Sainsbury of Turville and Mr Chris Russell, Master of the Salters' Company.

Delyth Williams, Refinery Chemical Engineer for Phillips 66 Humber Oil Refinery

Chemical Engineering


"My time at Swansea gave me four years of fantastic experiences that have served me well in the challenging environment of the oil industry.

Not only did Swansea give me the engineering skills required to progress with a career in the oil industry, it also provided me with many key life skills."

Diana Vulpe, MPhil Advanced Chemical Engineering

Diana Vulpe, MPhil Advanced Chemical Engineering

"Some of the most exciting aspects engineering at Swansea has to offer is the practical aspect of the courses, which offer a boundless insight into the applicability of knowledge into the industrial world. It hosts a great number of events that are there to help broaden the prospect of the students as future engineers."  

The Chemical Engineering Department in Swansea has helped me greatly to gain a competitive level of expertise in my field of study.  It has offered me the opportunity to conduct two individual research projects over the past two summers; these have significantly shaped my experience as a young aspiring researcher and tailored my laboratory work dexterity as a competitive prospective PhD student."

I am a strong believer in the educational independence of the student, as an individual. Relating to my experience, I would encourage everyone to organise and develop a structured and balanced work etiquette whilst in university, for an efficient cultivation of the facultative potential that lies within every one of us." 

Ching Wong, MEng Chemical Engineering Graduate

Ching Wong

"My favourite memories of studying engineering was being able to meet so many like minded people and making great friends for 4 years - these are people that you simply will never forget for the rest of your life. Working together and of course, partying together! Especially in engineering there are so many of us and you will meet loads of different people doing different discipline of engineering as well. 

Studying in Swansea has really helped me in preparing for it as I achieved a degree in MEng and was able to make connection with people that I worked with at my placement.

Advice for future students..sound likes a cliché, play hard but don't forget to work hard also! I believe that good things comes to those that work hard every single day of their lives and never quit. Of course, a break is necessary every now and then but never quit, you'll only regret that you didn't try your best."