Our new seafront location

Our new home at the innovative Bay Campus provides some of the best university facilities in the UK, in an outstanding location. 

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Chemical Engineering lab
Chemistry Laboratory

Pilot Chemical Laboratory

The Pilot Chemical Laboratory contains fifteen pilot-scale rigs which cover a wide range of unit operations.

The following experiments are provided:

  • Climbing film evaporator
  • Liquid fluidisation
  • Bubble-cap distillation column
  • Water cooling tower
  • Gas-liquid finned heat exchanger
  • Air duct
  • Combustion unit (pilot 100 kW scale)
  • Process control
  • Pipe flow
  • Mechanical heat pump
  • Forced circulation evaporator
  • Packed distillation column
  • Liquid mixing
  • Liquid-liquid heat transfer

Chemistry Laboratory

The Chemistry Laboratory has bench-scale experiments which provide fundamental understanding and experience in measuring and estimating data relating to various aspects of basic chemical and process engineering.

Examples include:

  • Determining the efficiency profile of a pump
  • Behaviour of a gas fluidised bed
  • Gas calorimetry
  • Vapour pressure as a function of temperature (Ramsay-Young experiment)
  • Mixing in flow-through stirred vessels
  • Distillation of toluene solutions
  • Drying of solids
  • Nature of fluid flow
  • Dynamic response of sensors
  • Residence time distribution in reactors