The College moved to Swansea University's £450 million Bay Campus in 2015 and now has seven buildings dedicated to engineering holding over 30,000m2  of laboratory and office space and over £10 million of new research and teaching equipment.

With our world-class research centres and a sustained investment programme to provide outstanding resources and facilities, the College of Engineering provides a superb environment in which to study or conduct research.

Our key facilities include:

  • Merlin MPX521 Engineering Flight Simulator
  • Merlin MP500-1 Flight Simulators
  • JetCat P120 Engine
  • £1.2m Wind Tunnel
  • Pilot Chemical Laboratory (containing 15 pilot-scale rigs)
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Structures Teaching Laboratory
  • Geomechanics Laboratory
  • Concrete Laboratory
  • Computational facilities
  • Electronics Laboratory
  • Electronics Project Laboratory
  • Metallography Laboratory
  • Dynamics Laboratory
  • £22m Centre for NanoHealth
  • Spectroscopy
  • Semiconductor Fabrication Facilities
  • Advanced Imaging of Materials (AIM)

Chemical Engineering at Swansea University

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