Swansea University School of Education (SUSE) has a wide range of externally funded research projects that are policy and practice focussed. These research projects reflect our broad range of educational interests and expertise. Our research projects reflect the considerable research capacity and expertise within SUSE. Each member of staff is research active and SUSE staff will be returned in the 2021 Research Excellence Framework (REF).

SUSE’s recent research has been funded by a range of agencies including: Welsh Government, ERASMUS Plus, British Academy, Education Workforce Council Wales, Oriel Science, School Home Support Charity.  Our research projects include:

Teacher Training Incentives in Wales  

This project involved a systematic review of the international literature on teacher training incentives.  

6 month project: Professor Alma Harris and Professor Michelle Jones (Co-Is), Dr Ceryn Evans and Dr Cathryn Knight

Completed - Report Submitted May 2019  

Masters of Educational Practice (MEP) Evaluation

In conjunction with other Universities in Wales

1 year: Professor Alma Harris (PI)

Completed - Report Submitted December 2019

Not Going to University

Examining young people’s ‘alternative’ pathways through education and training towards employment’. This is a small 12- month project, funded by the British Academy small grant awards.

Live - end date May 2020

Dr Ceryn Evans (PI)  

Schools Causing Concern

6 months (Jan – June 2020) - ongoing

Professor Alma Harris and Professor Michelle Jones (Co-Is) 

Material Development

This D and R project will research the available literature and knowledge base to create digital materials available to all teachers.

6 months (Feb- August 2020) - ongoing

Professor Tom Crick, Associate Professor Janet Goodall, Dr Helen Lewis and Dr Cathryn Knight  

Citizen Science Oriel

This project is part of the wider Oriel Science programme. It aims to engage community members in the design and curation of a science centre in Swansea.

Live. End date: October 2020

Dr Ceryn Evans (CI) Dr Chris Allton  (PI)  


FreeFlowInfo is an electronic based interface allowing children to document their schoolwork and share it with up to 7 adults. This project is an evaluation of the impact on parental engagement.

11 months

Associate Professor Janet Goodall (PI)  

All Age Schools

This research project has two dimensions. The first dimension is intensive work with a group of ‘Age All School’ senior leaders to develop research capability and research literacy. second dimension is a parallel piece of empirical, mixed methods research, led by SUSE researchers.

2 year project - ongoing

Professor Alma Harris and Professor Michelle Jones (Co-Is), Dr Ceryn Evans, Dr Cathryn Knight, Dr Helen Lewis and Dr Janet Goodall.  

All Age: An international Comparative Study

This ERASMUS PLUS funded research project is a longitudinal comparative project of All Age or All Through schools in various international contexts.

3 year project - ongoing

Professor Alma Harris and Professor Michelle Jones (Co-Is), Dr Cathryn Knight, Libby Chancer and Siân Brooks

National Accreditation Project

This project is focusing on the development of a new higher degree programme for the teaching profession.

2 years initially – ongoing

Professor Michelle Jones (PI) and Chair of the National Accreditation Group.  

Leading Collaborative Learning

Empirical evidence is being collected to capture the impact of this national developmental project. Case studies will reflect the range of innovative work undertaken in schools. The project has a pedagogical focus and will be examining the way in which teachers’ professional learning is changed or enhanced as a result of this school-based collaborative work.

2 years - ongoing

Professor Alma Harris and Professor Michelle Jones (Co-Is), Dr Angella Cooze and Zoë Elder.  

Algebra Project

This project is aimed at supporting the professional learning of primary and secondary teachers with a specific focus on pedagogy related to the development of algebraic thinking.

1 year - ongoing

Dr Helen Lewis and Libby Chancer  

Developing Research Literacy

This project involves a bespoke development programme for teachers.

1 year - ongoing

Dr Helen Lewis, Dr Cathryn Knight, Professor Tom Crick, Dr Angella Cooze, Libby Chancer, Siân Brooks and Peter Lloyd

Ready for Nursery, Ready for Learning

An evaluation of School Home Support Charity in their project, Ready for Nursery, Ready for Learning, which supports families in Bradford with young children

3 years - ongoing

Associate Professor Janet Goodall (PI)