Welcome to your new post at Swansea University!

‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Induction is a process of familiarisation with the University, its culture, structure, norms and how it functions. An effective induction programme can determine how quickly new staff settle into the organisation and the speed at which they develop to reach their full potential. It is an integral component of a successful and long-term relationship between the University and our new employees. In order to help staff settle in quickly and successfully to their new job, the University has developed the Induction of New Employees Policy

An important part of this process is the local College / Department induction, during which the

Induction Checklist (October 2018)

should be completed and then returned to Development & Training Services within your first week:- dts@swansea.ac.uk

At a local level induction will provide new staff with an understanding of:

  • their own role
  • expectations and standards
  • the role of their team
  • support available to help them carry out their duties effectively
  • team / College /Departmental key objectives
  • standard operating procedures and safe working practices

In addition to your local induction, all staff are expected to attend a University Induction Seminar, and the VC's Welcome Event. Meeting other new starters at the University Induction and hearing about Swansea University's strategic objectives at the VC’s Welcome Event will also help you see how your role fits into the bigger picture. This will enable you to better understand where your career can develop within the University in the future.

To book a place on these events, please use the 'My Courses' module in ABW Self Service.  A User Guide available on the ABW log in page.

To arrange a Welsh-medium Induction Seminar, search for "610" in the ABW catalogue.

On-line Statutory & Essential Training

As part of your Induction you are required to complete this statutory and essential on-line training.  Please see the Staff Learning and Development Policy.

Select one of the Research Integrity courses best suited to your discipline:

Arts and Humanities – 445

Social and Behavioural Sciences - 446

Engineering and Technology - 447

Natural and Physical Sciences – 448

Biomedical Sciences – 449

Once you have signed up, you will be able to undertake the training under Staff Training, on your Blackboard homepage (please note that it can take up to 24hrs to appear in Blackboard).

The University website contains lots of useful information for new staff on its University and Staff pages, such as:

Library Information

Sports Centre


Healthy University

We hope you find the information provided on this page useful in early days at Swansea.  If you require clarification on any of the information above, or further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at DTS@swansea.ac.uk.