Using a Coaching Style to Lead : Level 1 (Core Leadership Framework)

Course Code : 154

Target Audience

Leaders with people management responsibilities from Academic and Professional Services Communities


This two day workshop forms part of the Professional Leadership Framework at Swansea and has been designed to help leaders of people to develop a coaching style of management/leadership. The workshop is based on the OSCAR coaching model, developed by Karen Whittleworth, Director of Worth Consulting and experienced coach, facilitator and NLP practitioner. The workshop will provide participants with the skills and knowledge they need to establish a coaching culture that enables everyone within their team, and across the organisation, to perform to their full potential.  It is a practical, ‘hands on', session designed to give participants the skills and confidence to use coaching to increase acceptance to change, productivity, morale performance and engagement.

Learning Outcomes

Day One

  • Understand the Coaching Definitions and Philosophies
  • Understand how coaching helps improve emotional intelligence and personal effectiveness
  • Use well established coaching models (GROW and OSCAR) to improve performance
  • Explain the benefits of the Coaching Style of Management
  • Use Coaching to help team members find their own solutions, develop their own skills, change their own behaviours and change their own attitudes
  • Establish clear Performance Outcomes for themselves, their team and individuals in their team
  • Use the Performance Wheel to enhance individual and team performance
  • Select the appropriate coaching approach to meet the needs of the individual, the team and the organisation

Day Two

  • Confidently apply Coaching techniques in the workplace
  • Understand the role of transactional analysis
  • Use coaching to increase emotional intelligence and personal effectiveness
  • Use Coaching to deliver “Performance Management” targets
  • Confidently give and receive Feedback
  • Deal more pro-actively in their management of underperformance
  • Use coaching to support and develop their team and individual team members
  • Use a coaching approach to help others move through change
  • Identify the steps to establish a coaching culture within their own team, department and organisation


'An incredible impact - changed the way I approach all conversations I have. Will change the way I carry out our PDRs tackle those challenging members of staff and give me confidence to do the job.’

How to apply

This programme is aimed at a specific leadership audience. Leaders in scope will be contacted directly to select dates.