Introduction to Management for Professional Services Grades 7+

Course code: 589

Target Audience:

This course is for those currently in a Management role, and wish to develop their Management skillset further. It also provides a useful refresher for those who would find it beneficial to look at the fundamentals of Management.  This is aimed at those in Professional Services Grades 7 +. 


This 2 day course combines introductory management theory with a range of practical activities to develop you confidence. It aims to equip managers with the skills they need to support them in their roles. It will also help team leaders, managers and supervisors to get the best performance from the individuals in their team. Topics covered include identifying your own management style, the differences & similarities between Leadership & Management, understanding motivation, delegation, communication skills, coaching, and dealing with challenging individuals or situations.

This course provides a valuable opportunity to discuss, &  to share best practice. It will also equip you to develop a Coaching style to enhance your management skillset.

 Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Discuss and explore the role of the team leader/manager/supervisor.

  • Identify different management styles, recognise your own personal style and how it can be used to positively impact on your team

  • Describe the relationship & differences, between Leadership & Management

  • Explain how a coaching approach can be used to enable performance

  • Discover how to get the best from your people through effective motivation and delegation

  • Practice dealing with a variety of common situations which can be challenging for managers

  • Explain how teams function, and the stages of team development

  • Identify the differing roles that individuals play in a team and the strengths and weaknesses associated with those roles

  • Identify your own team role preference

  • Describe the components of successful teams

  • Communicate more effectively with individuals in your teams

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