Alternative Exam Arrangements

All students who require alternative examination arrangements for their exams or tests are advised to meet a Disability Caseworker.  Adjustments or additional support arrangements for formal examinations are permitted on the recommendation of the Disability Caseworkers. 

Procedure for arranging alternative examination arrangements

To request alternative arrangements for exams or tests, students must make an appointment with a Disability Caseworker to discuss support arrangements required during examinations. The Disability Office operates an appointment system.  The Office is located in the Assessment Centre, Grove Extension.  To arrange an appointment, students canbook via MyUni Hub by phoning 01792 606000 (Croesewir galwadau yn Gymraeg a Saesneg / We welcome calls in Welsh or English) or emailing

Full information on specific examination arrangements for January 2017 can be found here:

Alternative Exam Arrangements, winter 2017

Supporting documentary Evidence

All requests to claim alternative arrangements must be supported by current acceptable evidence of disability, specific need, mental health difficulty, or specific learning difficulty. The type of evidence required will vary according to the individual's specific circumstances. However, it will usually come from an external agency with detailed knowledge of the student's condition, e.g. GP, consultant, Educational Psychologist. The cost of providing such evidence must be met by the student and will be held on file for the duration of the student’s course.

Students will be required to sign a request form to enable arrangements to be recorded on a database. Students will be given a copy of the request for record purposes.

Types of alternative support

Alternative examination needs are normally discussed as part of the initial assessment process. However, it is recognised that a disability or medical condition may arise or circumstances change at any time after enrolment and/or during a course of study. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the Disability Caseworkers to discuss support needs, or should a students needs change during their course of their studies.

Typical Arrangements

In all instances, recommendations will be individual and based on the evidence presented to Disability Services. Recommendations may include the following.  Please note the list is not exhaustive but provides an indication of the support that may be available:-

Accessible venue Use of small room Supervised breaks - use of this is likely to include a recommendation for a separate room Extra time – usually 25% Appropriate seating Use of a scribe Access to a PC A reader Questions on tape Alternative format examination scripts e.g large print, braille, coloured paper

Use of Stickers for Examination and Assessed Work

The University has a policy whereby students with certain disabilities e.g specific learning difficulties, dyslexia, dyspraxia, can chose to have their examination booklets and coursework identified by means of a sticker so that consideration for spelling, grammar and punctuation etcetera may be considered.  A link to the policy and marking guidelines can be found here

Students attention is particularly drawn to the use of stickers for Assessed work and Examinations. The following is an extract taken from the Policy:

The University has a policy of anonymous marking but in order to comply with EU legislation students with SpLDs may chose to have their examination booklets and coursework work identified by means of a sticker.

To ensure students are aware of how stickers can be obtained for examinations and assessed work, the Disability Office advise the following:

Examinations – Stickers will be provided by the Examinations Office during formal examinations Assessed Work – Students may request a sticker to be placed on their work when handing it in to their Departmental Administrators.  In cases where students submit work via Blackboard (for Turnitin purposes) students should speak to the Disability Link Tutor for advice on how to request a sticker to place on work submitted in this way 

Nb. Schools/Departments will be cross-checking the valid use of the stickers. Students are reminded that they are to observe the University Regulations at all times.  Any student found using a sticker inappropriately will be subject to disciplinary procedures.  If you are not sure whether a sticker applies to you, please contact the Disability Office who will be able to advise you further.

Temporary or short term adjustments

If a student subsequently suffered a temporary injury e.g broken leg that could cause you difficulty in a formal exam situation, they should contact the Disability Caseworkers and Examination Office as soon as possible with the necessary medical documentation.

Class tests

Departmental examinations or time bounded tests, may take place at any time outside the main examination periods. These tests are administered by the department rather than by the central Examinations Office. However, the same arrangements should be applied to the student's central and departmental examinations/test.