The Notetaking and Support Worker Scheme is run by the Disability Office. The Scheme has been operating for several years, and has now grown to accommodate the needs of the increasing population of disabled students. Last year, over one hundred people were appointed to provide notetaking support.

If you require Notetaking or a Support Worker and this has been recommended as part of your Assessment of Needs, it is crucial that you contact the Disability Caseworkers as soon as possible. Support Workers provide a broad range of study support to enable students to overcome any difficulties they experience when studying. A student’s DSA Needs Assessment usually identifies the support needed and recommends the types of Support Worker you require. If you have not been able to have a Needs Assessment, perhaps because you are not eligible for the Disabled Students’ Allowance, but you think you need help from the Support Workers Service, you should contact the Disability Caseworkers.