Enrolment, Fees and Financial Assistance

To enrol, please complete the booking form in the brochure and return to us.  If you are eligible for financial assistance, please let us know and we will send you the appropriate paperwork to complete and return to us.  When you have enrolled, we will let you know if there are any changes to your course. 

If you wish to join a class which has already started, please contact us as soon as possible to ensure that the class is running at the time, date and place specified in the brochure as these are subject to change at short notice.

If you are National of a non-European Economic Area country, Refugee or Asylum Seeker, please attach a copy of your UK ID card or passport and visa with your booking form. Failure to provide valid documents will prevent enrolment on a DACE course or module.

If you have unspent criminal convictions, please contact us before completing an enrolment form. If you are convicted of a relevant criminal offence after you have applied, you must inform us immediately.

Details of fees are with the course information and what you pay depends on your circumstances.  If fees are not paid, the University will take steps to recover the outstanding amount, which may lead to debt recovery action.  If you choose to withdraw, you will still be liable for the costs.  You may be entitled to financial assistance towards the cost– see information on Financial Assistance schemes below. 


Enrolment and Fees