Enrolment and Fees

Enrolment, Fees and Financial Assistance

To enrol, please complete the booking form in the brochure and return it to us along with your payment.  If you are eligible for financial assistance, please let us know and we will send you the appropriate paper-work to complete and return to us.  When you have enrolled, we will let you know if there any changes to your course. 

If you wish to join a class which has already started, please contact us as soon as possible to ensure that the class is running at the time, date and place specified in the brochure as these are subject to change at short notice.

If you are National of a non-European Economic Area country, Refugee or Asylum Seeker, please attach a copy of your UK ID card or passport and visa with your booking form. Failure to provide valid documents will prevent enrolment on a DACE course or module.

If you have unspent criminal convictions, please contact us before completing an enrolment form. If you are convicted of a relevant criminal offence after you have applied, you must inform us immediately.


Course Fees and Financial Assistance

Details of fees are with the course information and what you pay depends on your circumstances.  If fees are not paid, the University will take steps to recover the outstanding amount, which may lead to debt recovery action.  If you choose to withdraw, you will still be liable for the costs.  

You may be entitled to financial assistance towards the cost– see information on Financial Assistance schemes below. 

Accredited Programme 2018/2019 entry

Concessionary Fee (c) £40.00 per 10 credits / £80.00 per 20 credits is paid by:

  • Individuals working less than 16 hours per week (including self-employed).
  • All retired individuals.
  • Anyone who is unwaged or unemployed.

Full Fee (f) £200.00 per 10 credits /£400.00 per 20 credits is paid by:

  • Individuals who work 16 hours per week or more (including self-employed).
  • Individuals repeating a module.

If you are an International student who does not permanently live in the UK or an EEA country, your Tuition Fees will be £1110.00 per 10 credits.  You will not be eligible for the Part Time Tuition Fee Loan (or Fee Grant) and funding from other sources may be limited.

Financial Assistance Available to help pay course fees

Funding is available to help pay for your studies and brief details are given below.  Contact us to check your eligibility or request an application form. 

Fee Waiver* You must be new to Higher Education (HE), do not have qualifications equal to or higher than a HNC/HND or other undergraduate credit-bearing HE award - this includes a UK or an overseas HE qualification (unless you are upgrading your qualification) and meet at least one of the conditions below:

  • Your family is in receipt of Universal Credit or Income Support or income based Jobseekers Allowance or Housing Benefit or Pension Credit or Council Tax Reduction or Working Tax Credits.
  • You are in receipt of Employment and Support Allowance or Personal Independent Payment or Severe Disablement Allowance or Disability Living Allowance or Attendance Allowance or Incapacity Benefit or Carer’s Allowance.
  • You are a registered job seeker, and have been so for a continuous period of no less than six weeks prior to the date of application for fee waiver.
  • Your sole family income is through Department for Work and Pensions benefits.

You must provide DACE with official documentary evidence of your entitlement on application for example a letter from Jobcentre Plus confirming your name, address and benefit entitlement. 

 Students should be Welsh domiciled. Should your circumstances change and you are no longer entitled to a fee waiver, you should advise DACE whereupon the remaining proportion of the tuition fee may be payable.  A student that initially undertakes fewer than 30 credits but subsequently adds to this during the academic year will be ineligible.  Fees may be waived to the full cost of the tuition fees of the module, or a maximum of £875 per student, whichever is the lower amount.  Funding is not available for courses provided on a cost recovery basis, for assessment or examination costs or to repeat modules under any circumstances.  

*Funding for this scheme is not indefinite and could be withdrawn prior to students achieving a qualification.

The conditions of this scheme are subject to change without notice.

DACE Hardship Bursary This is available to those who are required to pay full fees (f) and not eligible for any other financial support.  This is based on your household income and we may require you to provide evidence of this.  It covers up to 50% of the course fee and is a maximum of £200 per student, per academic year.  Please contact us for an application form.   Bursaries are at the discretion of the Department. Please note that the bursary only applies to full fee costs of £200 and does not apply to our concessionary fee of £40.

Payment by Instalments You are able to pay for courses of 20 weeks and over in two instalments. Students pay half the course fees at the start of the course and the remainder at 10 weeks.  Please contact us before the course starts to arrange this.


Higher Education Certificate, Higher Education Diploma and Degree

New students starting in September 2018

If you are a new student starting your HE Certificate, HE Diploma or Degree in September 2018 the cost will be £1,500.00 for 60 credits.   

What financial support is available?

  • You can take out a non means-tested Tuition Fee Loan
  • A Course Grant of up to £4,500 which is dependent on your joint household income, for eligible students
  • Application forms for loans/grants will become available from Student Finance Wales (studentfinancewales.co.uk) during June
  • If you already have a UK Honours degree,you are not usually eligible for the above support.

Additional support available for new and returning students: You may be entitled to extra financial support if you have children, adult dependants or have a disability. This extra help includes:-

  • Adult Dependants’ Grant (ADG)
  • Childcare Grant (CCG)
  • Parents’ Learning Allowance (PLA)
  • Disabled Student’s Allowances (DSA)

Please consult Student Finance Wales (studentfinancewales.co.uk) for further information and advice on the above grants and allowances.   The University also offers fee bursaries of up to 50% of the total tuition fees for students who are self-funded and not eligible for Tuition Fee Loan or Part time Grant support.  Application forms are available from us.

Swansea University Hardship Funds are available for low-income students who need extra financial support for their course.  Please contact the Money Advice and Support Office, Student Services on 01792 606699 for further information.

All Certificate and Diploma students are encouraged to complete their studies normally taking 60 credits per year.   For additional information please see the University’s web pages http://www.swansea.ac.uk/undergraduate/fees-and-funding/studentloansandgrants/


Payment can be made by debit/credit card or cash  in person or by telephone between 9am - 3pm.  We recommend paying by debit card as refunds (if required) can be processed straight away.  Refunds for cash or cheque payments can take around six weeks to be processed by the University Finance Section. 

Course cancellations and refunds

Each course requires sufficient students to be viable to run.  If student numbers are low the tutor will discuss whether the course is likely to run within the first two weeks.  DACE will refund payments for courses that have to be cancelled.  If you would like to transfer to another course, please contact us to let us know.

Student withdrawals and refunds

If you choose to withdraw from a class and/or would like to transfer to another course or request a refund, please let us know.  Refunds must be paid to the original payer using the same method of payment as the original remittance as required by the UK Anti Money Laundering Legislation.  If you withdraw from your course early your tuition fee costs may be adjusted pro-rata based on your last date of attendance.  

  • if you attend the first two weeks or less you will receive a full refund
  • if you attend more than the first two weeks but less than 50%, you will receive 50% refund
  • if you attend 50% or more of the course you are not eligible for a refund, the full fee amount will be payable. 

Low Class Size and Cancellations

Our aim is to ensure that all our classes run, however  if there are insufficient students to make the class viable, the class will be cancelled.  If you have booked a place on a course that has to be cancelled before the course starts, we will contact you and let you know.  If you have already started a class and there is the possibility that it will be cancelled, the tutor will discuss with you what will happen.  If a course is cancelled and you would like to transfer to an alternative course, please contact DACE.

Repeating a Course or Module

If you want to repeat a course or module and are unsure if you have studied the course before, please contact DACE before the start date to check if it is acceptable.  If you are accepted to repeat a module for which you have already received credits, or where you have attended over 50% but not achieved the credits, you will be required to pay the full fee; no concessions or financial assistance will be granted.  Students are not eligible for Fee Waiver funding to repeat a module.