Our research

All academic staff in Biosciences are active researchers and the department has a thriving research culture. Many academics are involved in biodiversity conversation working closely with many conservation organisations, local and national governement to conserve habitats and species throughout Britain and abroad.

75% of Swansea’s research in Biological Science was judged to be of international quality.


CSAR: We research sustainable aquatic resources at all trophic levels, from microorganisms such as algae to commercially exploited shellfish and finfish, using experimental, life cycle model analysis and biotechnological approaches. Our research informs aquatic resource management (coastal and open water ecosystems; fisheries), sustainable aquaculture development and low carbon futures, and the development and deployment of mathematical models in support of ecology and fisheries.


SMART: We research animal movement in its broadest sense, using individual-based approaches to examine the role of the environment in structuring the properties of animal movements and ultimately, distributions. We specialize in obtaining data using novel technologies which allow us to access information from particularly intractable species.


SNaP: We study the potential of organisms, particularly fungi and microalgae, to provide biomass and novel compounds (including chemical feedstocks, therapeutics and nutraceuticals), and act as agents for biocontrol and bioremediation. Our research addresses key fundamental issues in alternative technologies and aims to translate our science into sustainable, commercially viable and environmentally friendly products.