Swansea University has seen a number of great sportsmen and women pass through its doors.

We take pride in providing a community that nurtures the next great sport talent and being a place where, when they look back, are proud so say they played for.


Name: David Smith
Years Active: 2014, Aerospace Engineering
Accomplishment: Paralympic Gold Medal Rio and Bejiing, Silver Medal London, three time World Champion


Name: Jade Lewis
Graduation Year: 2017, Human Geography
Accomplishment: Welsh Judo


Name: Katrina Lowe
Graduation Year: 2004, Sports Science
Accomplishment: Won Gold at the World Karate Championships in 2001

Name: Rhys Jones
Years Active: 2010, Business Management
Accomplishment: Great Britain and Wales - Karate

Name: Phillip Niholl
Graduation Year: 2016, PGDip Legal Pratice
Accomplishment: Welsh International, Bronze Medal in World Championship, Under 21 British Karate Champion

Achub Bywydau

Name: Danni Perks
Graducation Year: 2010, Psychology
Accomplishment: Great Britain – Life Saving

Name: Helen Smale
Graducation Year: 2011, French and Psychology
Accomplishment: Great Britain – Life Saving