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KK8g Large group in about ten rows, outdoors on sloping hillside. This outdoor group photo has the caption: Commune of Political Exiles of Anafi, 5 November 1938, omada simviosis politikon eksoriston Anafis 5-11-1938. There are over one hundred people in the group, arranged in eight or nine rows. The majority are men, ranging in age from youths to a few individuals with white hair. There are three women on the right in the front row, and another in the penultimate back row, to the left, with a dark inverted triangle on the front of her dress. Further to the right from her, a man is holding a little girl on his right arm; she is wearing a white pinafore and has a white bow in her hair. On the left edge of the group are three men in overalls with white cloths or caps (possibly cooks or bakers). The face of another child is visible just to the right of the foremost of the three men in white caps, next to a man in a dark hat. Even more intriguing, the top of a dog’s head can be seen in the fourth row from the back, in the row where a man in a white cap is on the right. This may be "Dolfus", the commune’s dog which used to entertain the commune with "singing" at the end of their meal. A man in the second row from the front is holding a black and white cat (just behind a man in the front row in a white shirt and dark cap, leaning on his left elbow). The cat is probably "Ciano" (named after Mussolini’s Foreign Minister and brother-in-law). A photo like this not only documents membership of the commune, but could be used to show (for example, to party headquarters) that the commune was being properly organized. Compare this image with LL19 which shows almost exactly the same scene, but has no caption. In LL19, some heads are turned as if someone made a comment or joke, and others are smiling. This movement and lack of seriousness may have prevented this image being used as "the official record".