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Gateway to the Anafi Photo-Archive

Designed by Steve Scott

All texts by Dr. M. Kenna

This archive is currently under construction

This is the gateway to the Anafi photo-archive. Use the links below to access the various sections.


How the archive was found and what is in it.

Arrival and accommodation

Practical Aspects of Organisation

Groups with Slogans


Handwritten newspapers from Anafi

(from Rizospastis 4 December 1994, by permission)


Large and small groups



Island Events

25 March (Independence Day), 1941

The Occupation: Deaths and Funerals

Perlorentzos' Funeral

The End of the Commune.

Former Exiles

Pre- Metaxas Exiles

First Metaxas Exiles

Junta Exiles

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All queries, comments or suggestions to: m.e.kenna@swansea.ac.uk

If you are able to identify any individuals within the archive please quote the reference number for the photograph and e-mail Margaret Kenna at the address above, thank you.