Eve Johnson

Eve Johnson is an English Literature (medieval literature) PhD student at Swansea University. Her research interests include medieval women's writing, anchoritic life, mystical writings, Chaucer, and hagiography. 

Email: Eve.Johnson@Swansea.ac.uk 

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Professor Daniel G. Williams

Daniel G. Williams is Professor of English Literature and Director of the Richard Burton Centre for the Study of Wales at Swansea University. He is also Co-director with Kirsti Bohata of CREW – the Centre for Research into the English Literature and Langauge of Wales.

He has edited several books and is the author of Ethnicity and Cultural Authority: From Arnold to Du Bois (2006) , Black Skin, Blue Books: African Americans and Wales (2012) and Wales Unchained: Literature, Politics and Identity in the American Century (2015). This year sees the publication of a new edition of his collection of Raymond Williams’s writings, Who Speaks for Wales? Nation, Culture, Identity. It first appeared in 2003 and the new expanded edition marks the Centenary of Raymond Williams’s birth.

Email: Daniel.G.Williams@swansea.ac.uk 

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