Engaged in cutting edge research or cultural work in the field

CREW is fortunate to be joined by several Honorary Research Fellows engaged in cutting edge research or cultural work in the field.

Dr Rhian Barfoot

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Rhian Barfoot is co-editing a collection of critical essays to be published by University of Wales Press. The collection emerges from the Dylan Thomas centenary conference held at Swansea University in 2014. 


 Liberating Dylan Thomas: Rescuing a Poet from Psycho-sexual Servitude (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2014)

 ‘’The Echoes Return Slow’ as a Poet’s Autobiography’, Junction Box, 6 (2014)

 ‘Review, Walford Davies, Dylan Thomas’, International Journal of Welsh Writing in English 3 (2015), 147-148.  

Nia Davies

Editor: Poetry Wales 

Image of Nia Davies

Nia Davies is a poet and editor of Poetry Wales. She has co-curated and participated in several transcultural collaborations, projects and events and her work has been widely translated. Her most recent publications are All fours (Bloodaxe Books, 2017), England (Crater, 2017) and Interversions(Poetrywala, 2018) which documents her collaboration with Kannada poet Mamta Sagar. She is undertaking practice-based research into poetry and ritual at Salford University.

Photo Credit: María Angélica Madero 

Dr Siriol McAvoy

Email: Siriol.McAvoy@swansea.ac.uk

image of Dr Siriol McAvoy
Siriol McAvoy is a postdoctoral researcher working in the fields of Welsh writing in English and modernism. She recently completed a PhD on medievalism in Lynette Roberts and Virginia Woolf, and her current research reflects her interest in inter-cultural relations, modernism and marginality, and the interrelation of history and geography in twentieth-century women’s writing.

She is the editor of the first volume of scholarly essays on poet Lynette Roberts, Locating Lynette Roberts: ‘Always Observant and Slightly Obscure’ (forthcoming with UWP), which includes her chapter on Lynette Roberts’s experimental medievalism. A Harry Ransom Centre Research Fellow for 2017-18, she is carrying out archival research in preparation for a monograph on Lynette Roberts, supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Research Fellowship Endowment. Recently, she has worked on the Swansea University creative research project ‘Let them Speak’, which will use holdings in the Richard Burton archives as the basis for dramatic representations exploring Wales and the Spanish Civil War.



Locating Lynette Roberts: Always Observant and Slightly Obscure (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, Forthcoming).

‘“Crusaders uncross limbs by the green light of flares”: Lynette Roberts’s Avant-Garde Medievalism’, in Locating Lynette Roberts: Always Observant and Slightly Obscure (Forthcoming).

‘Review of Gwen Watkins and Jeff Towns (eds), Vernon Watkins on Dylan Thomas and Other Poets and Poetry’,International Journal of Welsh Writing in English, 3 (2015), 153-6.



Dr Alyce von Rothkirch

Email: a.v.von.rothkirch@swansea.ac.uk

Image of Dr Alyce von Rothkirch

Dr Alyce von Rothkirch is. a translator, independent scholar and writer. Previously she used to work at the Department of Adult Continuing Education, Swansea University and was the founding editor of The International Journal of Welsh Writing in English. She’s the author of two books (The Place of Wales: Staging Place in Contemporary Welsh Drama in English, WVT, 2007; J.O. Francis, Realist Drama and Ethics: Culture, Place and Nation, UWP, 2014) and many articles on drama, crime fiction, and popular magazines in Wales. Her current research interests focus on Animal Studies and the study of animals in Welsh Writing in English.

She lives in Wiesbaden, Germany.