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International Workshop on Volume Graphics

24 - 25 March 1999

Swansea, United Kingdom


The advances in volume visualisation over the past decades, coupled with the rapid increase in computer power, suggest that volume visualisation may be developed into volume graphics, as a general purpose graphics technology. In order to explore further the potential of volume-based techniques, especially beyond the scope of volume visualisation, it is necessary to bring together researchers and applications developers from both the academic and industry sectors who are working, or wish to work, on volume-based graphics techniques. The objective of this workshop is therefore to provide the international computer graphics community with a platform to:

  • review and assess the developments of techniques for volume-based modelling, rendering, manipulation and applications;
  • develop a scientific framework for the research and development in volume graphics as an emerging sub-field of computer graphics, and compile a clear picture of existing knowledge and topics for further investigation;
  • challenge researchers in areas of volume visualisation and other volume-based graphics work to develop their work further in order to impact on the mainstream computer graphics, and to explore a wider range of applications.

The programme of the Workshop includes four keynote lectures focusing on the latest development of volume graphics. All keynote speakers have a well-established research record and possess unquestionable expertise and authority in the fields.

The twenty five papers to be presented in the Workshop cover a comprehensive collection of subjects and represent the latest thinking in areas of volume graphics, including volume-based rendering and animation, volumetric data animation, high performance hardware and parallel computation for volume graphics, and volume graphics on the Internet. In particular, a group of papers, in addition to two keynote lectures, will focus on the discrete modelling methodology and the modelling of complex volumetric objects, an area where very limited research efforts have been made in the past.

There will also be two industrial speeches, by SGI and MERL respectively, during the workshop.

Last but not least, Swansea, an ideal holiday and short breaks destination at any time, will no doubt offer you the warmest welcome.

Arie Kaufman, Roni Yagel and Min Chen

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