It is possible to transfer from another Computer Science degree at a different university to Swansea. Students may transfer to level 2 of any of G400, G600, and G403. It is also possible to transfer to level 3 of G403, although this is extremely rare in practice. G401 has an integrated foundation year (level 0), therefore it is not appropriate to transfer to this degree – it is more appropriate to either apply for entry to level 1 of our other degrees, or apply for a transfer to level 2. Note the difference between “entry” which just needs you to meet our normal entrance requirement versus “transfer” which depends on your performance at a different university.

Students must complete and pass the year of study at their originating university (e.g. if you have failed level 1 at a different university we would not allow you to transfer to level 2 here). The material at the other university must be sufficiently advanced and cover the material at the level(s) below the one you are applying to transfer to.

If you are completing a foundation year of a degree at another university, you may apply for entry at level 1 of our main degrees (this would not be a transfer).

If you have completed level 0 and are about to complete level 1 of a degree with foundation year at another university, you may apply for transfer to level 2 of our main degrees.

If you have studied and are completing an HND (in Computing) at another university, then it is possible to transfer to level 2 of our main degrees.

In all cases, please make an informal enquiry first. To speed up the process, please copy the following and answer each question.

  1. Current university and degree programme of study (include a link to a syllabus page online at that university).
  2. Clearly indicate what levels of study you have completed, and what your current level of study is (please do not refer to the year of study, since this is confusing – e.g. year 2 of an HND or a degree with Foundation year programme usually maps to level 1 of a degree programme).
  3. Provide a transcript for all completed years of study, and a transcript for your current year of study where available.
  4. Please provide links to module pages for each module you have completed. If this is not possible (i.e. they are not publicly available), then please provide a pdf with the same information (usually provided to students in the form of a course handbook from your university). Module names are enough for your initial approach, but we will need detailed course information to make sure you have covered sufficient material to enter at level 2.
  5. Why do you want to transfer to Swansea?

In terms of performance, this is difficult to quantify since we deal with transfers on a case by case basis. It is easy to say that if you have completed level 1 of Computer Science at a pre-92 university in the UK, then you are probably going to be able to transfer to level 2 here. If you have got low scores and/or compensatory passes in modules (or are carrying modules from a previous year), you are almost certainly not going to gain entry here. We particularly make note of your programming and mathematical ability at other courses. Where such courses have not been studied it will not be possible to gain entry above level 1.