Like most Computer Science departments in the UK all our programmes are part of the Quality Assurance process for higher education (QAA). Our academics advise and provide oversight to numerous Computer Science programmes around the UK as part of the quality assurance process. In recent years we have acted as external examiners for taught courses at Bath, Chester, Dundee, Glamorgan, Gloucester, Imperial College London, Kings College London, Liverpool, Loughborough, Manchester, Oxford, Queen Mary, Sheffield, UEA (University of East Anglia), UMIST (now Manchester University), UWE (University of Western England), and York. Our academic experts also act as external examiners for research degrees (PhD, MPhil and MSc) at many universities world-wide.


Our staff also have published subject text books and papers about teaching students and their learning processes. These include:

Simon Robinson, Gary Marsden and Matt Jones, There's Not an App for That, Morgan Kaufmann, 2014

Faron Moller and Georg Struth, Modelling Computing Systems, Springer, 2013

Matt Jones and Gary Marsden, Mobile Interaction Design, Wiley, 2006

Harold Thimbleby, Press On — Principles of Interaction programming, MIT Press, 2007, Winner of the Computer and Information Sciences 2007 award from the Association of American Publishers

Monika Seisenberger, Chris Whyley et al., Some good ideas from the Disciplinary Commons, ICS HE Academy Concerence, 2006, pages 153--158. This article discusses various good practices in introductory programming.

Robert S. Laramee, Bob's Project Guidelines: Writing a Dissertation for a BSc. in Computer Science, Innovation in Teaching and Learning in Information and Computer Science (ITALICS), Vol. 10, No. 1, February 2011, pages 43-54, A publication of the UK Higher Education Academy (HEA)

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