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One of our admissions tutors, Stewart Powell, gives his advice about how to write a personal statement for Computer Science courses. 

  • Tell us why you want to study computer science – what motivates you to take computer science further, at university level.  
  • Talk about how your interest developed, what you’ve done to pursue it or how you’ve drawn inspiration from your current studies.
  • Explain what it is about studying computer science at university that interests you and why.
  • What aspects of studying computer science at university are you looking forward to? Are there particular areas of technology that interest you more than others?
  • Have you read any books about computer science beyond those you use at school? 
  • Demonstrate your passion for the subject – if you took part in a university taster course, placement, outreach programme, summer school or something similar, include it. Describe what you did, and what you gained from the experience.
  • Do you have any relevant work experience? This might not have involved computer science directly, but it could have involved logical thinking, problem solving, leadership, communicating complex ideas, working as part of a team, all of which play a central role in studying for a computer science degree. 
  • Be relevant – we do like hearing about your hobbies, but focus most of your statement on information that’s relevant to computer science. 
  • You should write about any computer science related projects you have done outside of your education.
  • Proof read and check everything twice – ask other people to read through it and check there are no mistakes. Attention to detail and ensuring there are no ambiguities are important for computer science!
infographic showing that computer science is 6th in the uk for career prospects