About Us

For over 40 years researchers at Swansea have made interesting and useful contributions to Computer Science in the areas of data-centric computing, semantics of specification and programming languages, formal methods for designing software and hardware, operating systems, computer graphics, multimedia communication, modelling of complex fluids, the human-computer interfaces, interaction technologies, and the social impact of science and technology. The Department has been home to many fine computer scientists.

Today, the Department's main research interests include:

We are also leading a Swansea initiatives in the History of Computing.

Swansea computer scientists enjoy working with a huge range of collaborators from all over the world and play their part in leading the development of the subject.

Cyber Security

Swansea scientists have made and are making contributions to this field in the areas of the digital economy, on crypto currencies, on security and privacy of personal data, on cyberterrorism and cyber crime and on mobile security.

Educational, Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Computer Science

Computer scientists are at the heart of the emergence of a dazzling range of digital technologies and can have deep insight into how they effect and change the world.


FIT means Future Interaction Technologies – it's about the complex devices that change our lives, for better or worse – whether in our homes, cars, mobile phones or medical devices.

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) can be a creative and exciting field of research, but in collaboration with organisations like Microsoft Research, Nokia Research, IBM Research, and the NHS, the FIT Lab likes to focus on Grand Challenges.

 More information at the Lab's site.

Theoretical Computer Science

Swansea has one of the larger groups of theoretical computer scientists in the UK, with a research programme involving many international collaborators. Over the past forty years, Swansea theoreticians have made fascinating and pioneering discoveries.

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Visual Computing

Swansea computer scientists have made significant contributions in a broad range of subjects in visual computing since 1992. Read more...

Research seminars

Our research groups run their own series of research seminars. These seminars often assume familiarity with a particular research topic, but all are welcome to attend.

The Department also has a series of Distinguished Lectures, whose topics are intended to be accessible – and of interest – to all our academic staff and students. There is also a historical record of our previous seminar series.