Computer Science

Self funded projects:

We have a number of self-funded PhD projects available Computer Science.  

Project descriptions can be found at Swansea Science DTC Projects in Computer Science

Potential PhD supervisors and research topics

Potential supervisor

Research topics

Dr Daniel Archambault

  • Visualization, information visualization (particularly dynamic data)
  • Social media and network visualization and some analysis
  • Perceptual issues in visualization
  • Graph drawing and network visualization
  • Interface design and HCI

Prof Arnold Beckmann

  • Logic in Computer Science
  • Proof Theory
  • Proof Complexity and Bounded Arithmetic
  • Logic and Computation, Proofs as Programs
  • Formal Methods
  • Design of Cyber Physical Systems
  • Model Driven Software Engineering
  • Modeling in Industry 4.0 context and Digital Twins 
  • Logic for computer science
  • Functional programming
  • Interactive theorem proving
  • Program verification
  • Program extraction
  • Semantics of programming languages

Dr Jens Blanck

  • Computability
  • Domain theory
  • Exact real arithmetic
  • Continuous data types
  • Topological spaces

Prof Matt Jones

  • HCI: special interest in mobile and ubiquitous systems
  • Context-based systems
  • Infrastructures and interactions for challenging environments

Dr Mark W Jones

  • Computer Graphics (global illumination)
  • Visualisation (particularly biological or sports data)
  • Volume visualisation
  • Information visualisation

Dr Oliver Kullmann

  • Satisfiability (SAT)
  • Algorithms
  • Complexity theory
  • Combinatorics
  • Data analysis
  • Philosophy

Dr Robert S Laramee

  • Data visualization
  • Data analysis
  • Information visualization
  • Scientific visualization
  • Computer graphics
  • Human factors

Dr Stephen Lindsay

  • Understanding attitudes towards Nanohealth
  • Designing around attitudes towards Nanohealth

Prof Faron G Moller

  • Concurrency theory
  • Modal and temporal logics
  • Formal verification

Dr Benjamin Mora

  • Ray-tracing
  • Global illumination
  • Image and volume representations
  • 3D displays
  • High Performance Computing

Dr Arno Pauly

  • Computability theory; Computable analysis
  • Descriptive set theory; topology
  • Algorithmic game theory; reactive synthesis

Dr Markus Roggenbach

  • Specification languages and their semantics
    (CSP, Timed-CSP, CASL)
  • Verification
  • Testing
  • Tool development
  • Knowledge transfer

Dr Monika Seisenberger

  • Extraction of programs from proofs
  • Modelling, specification, and verification
  • Verification of railway control systems
  • Interactive theorem proving
  • Logic and proof theory
  • Formal methods in security and cyberterrorism

Dr Anton Setzer

  • Proof theory
  • Type theory
  • Constructive mathematics
  • Interactive theorem proving
  • Agda
  • Programming with dependent types
  • Verification of critical systems
  • Verification of railway interlocking systems

Dr Gary Tam

  • Data visualization
  • Geometry processing
  • Computer vision
  • Pattern matching

Prof Harold W Thimbleby

  • Safe design, particularly user interfaces in healthcare
  • Human-computer interaction, particularly in healthcare
  • Human error and computers
  • The public understanding of science

Prof John V Tucker

  • Abstract data types and computability theory
  • Theory of programming and specification
  • Physical foundations of computation
  • History of computing
  • Technical, social, and cultural aspects of technological development
  • History of science in Wales

Dr Xianghua Xie

  • Computer vision
  • Image processing
  • Medical imaging
  • Pattern recognition
  • Big data and machine learning