MEng with a Year In Industry, Software Engineer, DVLA

As part of my industrial placement year, I worked as a Software Engineer at the Driver's and Vehicles Licensing Agency (DVLA). This placement has been a great experience for me in furthering my understanding of the software development process. At university, my knowledge was limited as coursework and examinations only really taught me how to program through small academic projects. However, from my time at the DVLA, I now have a greater understanding of just how effective in delivering business needs software engineering can be. I have acquired and enhanced upon numerous skills which will greatly benefit me in my career. As well as software skills, I have also developed competency based skills which can be applied to any working environment. Throughout this placement I have collaborated with software engineers, business analysts, product owners, dev-ops and testers within the development team in order to support the development of new business applications. I have gained experience working within an Agile business environment utilising methodologies such as Scrum and XP (Extreme Programming). These are software delivery techniques which have improved my ability to deliver at pace, allowing for the development of good quality software products in a pragmatic timescale. I’d definitely recommend this experience to future students who wish to enter a career in software development, particularly those interested in a career with the civil service.