Genalyn Estrada

MEng Computing, Developer 4C Consulting

After completing multiple dissertations in university, I feel that I am well-prepared for my job as a developer at 4C Consulting London which is a leading Platinum Sales Force Partner that specialises in building cloud applications.

I believe that I would not have been offered this job if not for the experience I have gained from my time in Swansea University.  More specifically, the degree content related fairly closely with the concepts that I practice now. I was taught how to think like a software engineer and as such slipped into the role quite well.

I received amazing support from the lecturers as well as other staff members. Everyone was friendly and went out of their way to help. Lecturers encouraged intellectual discussions, especially in relation to current events and how it may affect us, as Computer Scientists.  

One dramatic change I noticed within myself was the ability to more confidently approach problems from new angles. The university taught me how to deal with problems where the solution is not immediately obvious, which is a skill that I value.