Photograph of Lauren Hopkins

Lauren Hopkins

'I began my undergraduate studies enrolled on the Egyptology and Ancient History degree course. I enjoyed learning about Rome and Greece, both very interesting and stimulating subjects, but having studied some Egypt-focused modules I soon realised that I wanted to study Egyptology. The flexibility of the department at Swansea meant that I was able to change to Egyptology single honours during my second year. Learning about these aspects of the ancient world was great and lessons were always fun and informative. The lecturers were all amazing and encouraged all students to never give up - they helped me achieve my dreams through their knowledge and teaching expertise.  I greatly enjoyed studying at Swansea and after graduating I soon secured employment working on a very exciting and important local project called the Gower Unearthed Project. Our goal is to recreate a round house, to see how Iron Age Celts would have lived, and to investigate their belief system and interaction with the world around them. Once built it will be open to the public.  In my role as academic researcher, I research Celtic history and my findings will be included at the site on leader boards.'

Isabel Crouch

“Since studying a BA in Classical Civilisation and Latin at Swansea University I am now an Editorial and Production Assistant for a magazine company. I applied for a different role, however the company loved my CV and thought that I would be a great asset to their editorial team. The role involves a lot of reading, writing and editing. My degree helps me with this role as it gave me a good understanding of grammar and the ability to read and interpret a wide range of articles. The teaching at the Classics department in Swansea is fantastic and I still receive ongoing support from my old lecturers. The confidence I gained during my time at Swansea University has been crucial for me to travel and find a job I truly enjoy.”