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Membership of UKEMS provides many benefits which include:

Discussion forum for academics, government scientists, industry and individuals from regulatory and legislative bodies.
Wide ranging discussions from the molecular basis of mutagenesis and carcinogenesis to testing methods.
Low membership fee and scheme for reduced subscription to join the Institute of Biology.
Annual scientific meeting.
Regular meetings organised by the IGG and MEG.
Bi-monthly international journal (Mutagenesis) and regular newsletters.
Mutagenicity testing guidelines books.
Free membership for students; bursaries to attend meetings, best presentation award.
Young Scientist Award Scheme.
Training workshops.
Automatic membership of the European Environmental Mutagen Society (EEMS).
Provision of an international directory of EMS members.


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Anyone practising genetic toxicology is strongly encouraged to join UKEMS. Full time members require a sponsor (who must be a member) and student members require their supervisor's endorsement.

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Or for further details contact:
Dr Anthony Lynch,
UKEMS Membership Secretary,
The Frythe,
AL5 9AR.
Tel: 01438 782625
Fax: 01438 782582
e-mail: (


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For further information contact:
University of Wales Swansea