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Regulatory Problems .. topb(1).gif (622 bytes)
Evaluation of data generated in testing new or existing chemicals/ pharmaceuticals. We area able to undertake database comparisons, provide advice on test quality and discuss the regulatory acceptance of data. We also design and perform non-standard investigations that require our advanced technologies.


Test System Development .. topb(1).gif (622 bytes)
We are developing and applying methods to detect and quantify chemically induced DNA damage point mutations and chromosome numerical or structural aberrations. Here we are concentrating on rapid, informative screening methods for new chemicals.


Environmental Safety .. topb(1).gif (622 bytes)
We have rapid molecular methods to diagnose chemical and microbial pollutants and to evaluate procedures for reducing environmental contamination. Particular emphasis is put on the analysis of bacteria and viruses in sewage effluent


Conservation and Biodiversity .. topb(1).gif (622 bytes)
We undertake fish stock assessment and have extensive experience in selective breeding, particularly in fish. DNA and protein methods for assessing conservation problems and also well developed



Molecular Genetics .. topb(1).gif (622 bytes)
The Centre has considerable expertise in the development of microbial systems for discovery, enhanced production and modification of useful biomolecules. These include recombinant proteins and antibiotics


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