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The Centre is a major research component of Biological Sciences at Swansea: its core funding is provided by the UK research councils and the European commission. Research is undertaken by a nucleus of academic staff, research staff and graduate students.

A prime commitment of the staff concerns the application of molecular methods to fundamental and applied research. we are applying new technologies to product development and safety evaluation in a number of areas.


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The combination of fundamental and applied research has resulted in a highly responsive research environment which enables us to tackle a diverse range of scientific investigations. Members of the Centre play active national and international roles in the regulation of chemical products with potential genotoxic activity and are well positioned to provide advice on regulatory problems.

Major analytical facilities include DNA sequencers, computer based image analysers for molecular and cellular studies and laboratories dedicated to molecular genetics, tissue culture and fish breeding.


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The Centre has a long tradition in working closely with industrial companies. this currently includes Glaxo/Wellcome, Boehringer, Zeneca, SmithKline Beecham, Hyder, Amersham International and Pfizer.



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