Centre for Global Burn Injury Policy and Research

Providing the Evidence, Developing the Policies, Leading the Way

A key challenge faced by the global health community is how to take proven interventions and implement them in the real world. Affordable, life-saving interventions exist to confront many of the health challenges we face, (including burns), but there is little understanding how to deliver those interventions across the full range of existing health systems and in the wide diversity of possible settings.

The Centre for Global Burn Injury Policy & Research at the College of Human and Health Sciences will address these issues combining implementation science, quality improvement methodology, participatory action research, health economic studies, outcomes research, impact evaluations and strategy development. Overcoming the barriers of putting knowledge into action is a key part of the process and implementation science provides the framework for doing this.

The Centre will be working closely with international organisations and agencies and other academic centres as well as governments and the World Health Organisation to develop relevant and appropriate policies and drive forward the research agenda to improve global burn care and prevention.


Mission Statement

  1. Build robust partnerships with national and international academic departments, global institutions and clinical burns services.
  1. Develop a portfolio of high quality evidence-based research to identify and address the key priorities in global burn injury, with particular focus on resource-poor regions.
  1.  Advocate for effective, evidence-based regional and national policies for prevention and treatment
  1. Work in partnership to increase resource allocation to tackle the ’forgotten global public crisis’ of burn injuries
  1. Utilise implementation science and knowledge to action theory to support the scaling up of proven interventions and promote their integration into national health strategies.
  1. Create a global hub for aspiring clinicians and researchers dedicated to global burn care to exchange ideas, share innovations and work in an inspiring and interdisciplinary environment.