We’re inventing the University of the Future, help us figure out what it’ll look like!

Swansea University celebrates its Centenary year in 2020 - that means it is our 100th birthday!

To help us celebrate, we would love you to help us think about what our University will look like in another 100 years’ time, in the year 2120.

Imagine you are a student at our University of the Future.

  • What might you be studying?
  • What sort of inventions might scientists and engineers at the university be working on?
  • Will robots be rolling through the corridors, or teaching lessons?
  • What might you be eating?
  • What will our buildings look like?
  • Will you be playing a new sport?
a robot, a rocket and a planet

We think the possibilities are endless! So much has happened to develop University life in the last 100 years (when the first students arrived at Swansea University they didn’t have the internet to help them with their studies!) and we would love to hear your ideas on what could come next.

Send us your ideas to enter our fun competition and be in with the chance of winning one of our exciting prizes, endorsed by best-selling children’s author David Walliams. (Click on your Key Stage below to see what you could win!)

How can I get Involved?

We have designed activities relevant to different Key Stages, so whatever your age, there are fun ways for you to get involved in designing your ‘University of the Future’.

To enter your idea, please upload your picture, story, video or any other creative way you have thought of to design your future University via this form, by 20 November 2020*.

Please email any questions to Centenary2020@swansea.ac.uk

*Terms and conditions apply.

A boy at the Swansea Science Festival

What is a University?

To help you get started with inventing your University of the Future, it might be helpful to learn a little more about what a University is, and what happens there.

When you finish school and college, some students choose to further their studies in a subject they like learning about, by going to University to get a degree in the subject. This helps you to increase your knowledge in the subject and can support you to get a job you like one day.

At Swansea University, our students can choose from hundreds of subjects ranging from Aerospace Engineering to Zoology! They attend taught lessons, called lectures and seminars, as well as carrying out their own research and study.

At University, some students decide to live on campus – that’s the name given to the area where all the buildings are based, from classrooms and libraries, to bedrooms and even where you eat your dinner – a bit like our own village with a varied community – at Swansea University, we have two campuses!

One of the best things about our campuses is that they are both right by the sea, which means at weekends and between lessons; our students can have fun on the beach!

We’re really proud of our University, and since we started teaching in 1920, over 100,000 students have studied at Swansea University, these are known as our alumni. At the moment, more than 20,000 students from around the world study here!

We hope that this helps you to learn more about the exciting things that happen at University, but if you would like to find out more, explore some other pages on our website.

Students on the beach on Bay Campus

We can't wait to see what your University of the Future will look like!

Engineering students test flight simulator