Swansea University’s vision is to provide the best student learning, teaching and assessment experience by means of a broad range of pedagogical methods. A key enabler to this is a modern online learning platform that enhances the connections across the University. 

The end of the current licence agreement with Blackboard presented the opportunity to act upon feedback from staff and students, which informed the requirements for a platform to advance towards our vision. 

After a comprehensive tender process Canvas was the platform that best met the vision and requirements of the University. Therefore the forthcoming year will see the University wide implementation of the Canvas platform, bringing with it significant benefits to staff and students and improving the overall learning, teaching and assessment experience for all. 

Benefits of Canvas

Addresses stakeholder feedback on the issues with the previous platform and the requirements of the new one. Comes with 24/7 365 days a year telephone, live chat and email guidance and technical support for all users.
Offers flexibility through the ability to access on multiple devices and platforms enabling mobile learning opportunities. Is secure and reliable with a 99.9% up time agreement. 
Has a fully integrated media library with collaborative and assessment tools, including camera and screen recordings.

All users have access to the active Canvas Community – a community of over half a million Canvas users. Providing the opportunity to find answers, share ideas and join groups – including access to resources, video tutorials and written guides.

Is a versatile platform which integrates with various third party plugins and apps e.g. ‘TurnItIn’. Comes with with a ‘software as a service’ model meaning that we will have access to all future updates and new product releases.
Supports a range of collaboration activities for example group work, discussion, assignments and peer reviews.   Offers a comprehensive suite of tools empowering students to develop 21st Century skills essential for successful graduate outcomes. 
Provides  improved accessibility for students and staff to meet the diverse needs of our learning and teaching community e.g. immersive reader, accessibility checker, Alexa skillset and is compatible with screen readers.  Provides flexibility to our diverse community of students and their learning needs, circumstances and preferences. Tools such as ‘MasteryPath’ enable personalised learning journeys. 
Has an enhanced functionality and user interface which makes it easy to navigate share content and learning activities.  Enhances our feedback and assessment methods with more efficient tools and integrations.
Brings improved efficiency for staff and students due to streamlined workflows and effective communication functionality.  Supports multiple languages including Welsh and this can be configured at a user and course level.