Skills for Life-Teaching you the things you really need to know.

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Skills for Life aims to teach you practical life skills in order to improve your resilience, confidence and self-esteem, all whilst making new friends.

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What will you learn?

Skills for Life sessions vary from First Aid and Cooking to Film Photography and Navigation. We ran 35 sessions last year teaching 23 unique skills on both campuses and in the local community. We update this website every month showing the monthly calendar and all tickets can be purchased at –

Why will it be good for you?

Possessing a variety of life skills enables you to deal with life’s inevitable difficulties and adversities more effectively. When you have the proper tools and strategies at your disposal, you have more control over your life and are therefore happier, more resilient and more productive. 
Employers are also looking for students who are well-rounded individuals and Skills for Life can help with this. Whilst employers may not ask if you can boil an egg at an interview, they may ask if you are comfortable speaking in public or ask you to demonstrate creative skills. The Skills for Life - Confidence Building or Digital Photo Editing session will provide you with some evidence to talk about.

Who takes the sessions?

We are very grateful to students, staff and external organisations for running these sessions. A full list of who ran sessions last year can be found in the infographic below.

How do you sign up?

All our tickets can be purchased at – 
All of our sessions cost a minimum of £1 with the majority of sessions being heavily subsidised by CampusLife. If you sign up but are unable to come, please let us know as you may be preventing someone else from attending.