Support for Estranged Students

Students are considered estranged if there has been an irreconcilable breakdown in the relationship with their parents and there is no foreseen chance of reconciliation. Some students may be enrolling at University already estranged from their parents, whereas others may become estranged during their studies.

Whether you are coming to university already estranged from your parents or become estranged during your studies we have a support package in place to help you transition into university, focus on your studies and graduate successfully.

We provide information, advice, and guidance on everything from applying to university to accommodation, academic support and more, so you are able to make informed decisions about your future at Swansea University and beyond.

Informing the University of your status

Currently, there is no formal way of identifying as an estranged student through the UCAS application process. To notify the University of your estranged student status you’ll need to contact our Access Officer, Chloe Aspland or select the estranged student tick box on the University’s enrolment forms. To confirm your estranged student status and access the support package, you will need to provide the estrangement confirmation letter from your funding provider. Once we are aware of your estrangement, Chloe will be in contact with you directly to discuss the support available.

Identifying yourself as estranged will not negatively affect your application to the University and your status will remain confidential. The University will only use this information to ensure you receive the appropriate support. Your estranged student status will not be passed onto your department. 

University is often a new chapter and we understand that you may want to move on from your past experiences. Letting us know that you are estranged will help us notify you of the support available however, it’s completely your decision whether you chose to access the support or not. If you choose not to, our door is always open if you change your mind.  

To provide you with support, we won’t need to know why you have become estranged from your parents, so we’ll never ask for details.

How do I qualify for support?

To qualify for the support package, you need to:

  • Be a ‘home’ student, studying full time or part time on taught Undergraduate programme
  • Be aged 25 or under when you start the course
  • Be estranged with no foreseen chance of reconciliation and have been recognised as having independent status on the basis of estrangement by your student finance provider for the purposes of receiving student funding at the independent student rate (you will need to provide a financial notification letter that confirms this) *
  • Have applied for all the statutory funding which you are entitled to.

*Having worked with estranged students for many years, we are aware that compiling evidence of this nature is problematic for some students. Money@CampusLife can provide advice regarding applying for Student Finance as an estranged student. Contact us for further guidance:

If you are aged 25+ and your funding status changes from ‘estranged’ to ‘independent’ for the purposes of student finance, then please contact the Access Officer to discuss your ongoing eligibility for the Estranged Student Bursary.

Dedicated contact
Headshot of Chloe, wearing a yellow jumper in front of a blank wall.

Chloe Aspland is your dedicated contact from application through to graduation. Chloe can support you by:

  • Answering any questions you may have about applying to university or studying at Swansea University
  • Arranging travel to an Open Day, or arranging a tailored visit if you can’t make one of our Open Days
  • Ensuring you are receiving all the support you are entitled to within and outside of the university.
  • Helping you to apply for the Estranged Student Bursary
  • Signposting and referring you to a wide range of support services and employability opportunities at Swansea university
  • Keeping you updated with news, opportunities and events through our newsletter
  • Delivering various events throughout the year specifically for you as an estranged student
  • Being your named contact throughout your studies

You can contact Chloe directly by emailing

What support is available?

What pre-entry support is available?

Assistance with your application to the University
If you have any questions about applying to or studying at Swansea University, please get in touch with Chloe.

Financial assistance to attend interviews and Open Days
Chloe can help organise your visit and arrange to meet you. Travel costs can be reimbursed (this will usually include 2nd class rail travel and other public transport costs).

Accommodation deposit
When you are offered accommodation, you’ll need to pay a deposit to secure your accommodation. If you are worried about these costs, please get in touch to discuss your options.  

What support is available whilst studying?

Estranged Students’ Bursary
The Estranged Student Bursary is available to all eligible ‘home’ students, studying full time and part time on taught undergraduate degree programme. We offer an Estranged Student Bursary of £1,000 in each year of study to undergraduate students, which is split into 2 payments each academic year. Part-time students will receive a pro-rata payment of £500 in each year of study of their undergraduate course.

Postgraduate, PhD students and students completing a second degree (including GEM and PGCE) are not eligible to receive the bursary, but may be granted priority access to Money@CampusLife Hardship Funds. 

Welcome pack
We understand that you may not have all the basic necessities needed to move into your new accommodation. If you are worried about the cost of purchasing items such as bedding and kitchen essentials, please get in touch.

Money management & budgeting session
Student Loans are paid in three instalments.  As a student this may be the first time you have had to handle such large amounts of money.  To help you do this successfully, Money@CampusLife are on hand to provide advice and guidance on budgeting.

Priority access to Hardship Funds
As an estranged student, you have priority access to the Swansea University Opportunity Award. This award is in place to help students who have faced unforeseen financial difficulties. There is no guarantee of an award from the fund, however if granted, it does not have to be repaid.

All year-round accommodation
Swansea University can guarantee you 365 days a year accommodation on campus for your first year at University including Christmas, Easter, and summer holidays providing that you apply early enough. Alternatively, we will also help you to find private accommodation in the local area should you need assistance.

Library support
As an estranged student, you have access to a named contact through the Library Plus team who can provide support services. For more information, please visit the Library Support page

Go Wales, Discovery SVS and Swansea Employability Academy support
Chloe can support you in making connections with Go Wales, Discovery SVS and Swansea Employability Academy.

Go Wales run the Achieve Through Work Experience programme which is an initiative to create work experience opportunities for students on higher education courses in Wales.

Discounted or free access to Skills for Life Sessions 
Skills for Life offer a range of workshops to improve life skills including first aid, barista training and navigation. Each workshop has an allocated number of discounted or free places for estranged students. Places are available on a first come first served basis and you’ll have a limited time to book your place.

Access to the Student Ambassador Scheme
As a student, you can apply to become a Student Ambassador. We’ll notify you when applications are open and are happy to help with completing an application and preparing for an interview. We’ll also be able to refer you to the Manager of the Student Ambassador Scheme.

Free membership to Swansea University’s Alumni Association
As part of the Alumni Association, you can benefit from a wide range of services: get in touch with other former students through the Buddy Board; receive news about the University and fellow alumni via regular e-news bulletins and the annual Sail Magazine.

What support is available prior to graduation?

Careers advice
Prior to completing your studies, we’ll arrange a careers advice appointment with the Swansea Employability Academy (SEA). This service helps students and graduates to make career decisions, gain work experience and find jobs.

Graduation costs
We understand that graduation is a major milestone in a student journey, but it can be expensive. We don’t want the cost to be barrier to not attending graduation. So, if you are a final year estranged student who is graduating, you can apply for assistance towards your graduation costs via the Swansea University Opportunity Award.

Information for professionals

If you are working with an estranged student who is considering applying to Swansea University and you have some questions about the application process, funding or the support package available, Chloe will be happy to answer any questions you have.


All information deal with by the Access Officer is done so in the strictest confidence. On the occasions that we need to consult staff from other department, or external organisations, we only do so with prior consent from you.

Contact Us

If you would like to get in touch, please email

Current students must use their student email when contacting Participation@CampusLife and the Access Officer.