The Chaplaincy @Singleton Campus:

You are welcome to join us for regular worship on Singleton Campus at the following times:

  • Meditation – 20 minute guided meditation:

    8.30am - Every day
    The Chaplaincy, Singleton

    12.30pm - Mondays
    Room A/B/C, Student Union, Bay

    1.00pm - Thursdays
    The Chaplaincy, Singleton

  • The Mosque @Singleton Campus

  • New faith space @Bay Campus: we are very excited at the prospect of a new faith space being built on Bay Campus this autumn. This will mean that we will be able to offer many events and worship opportunities in a permanent location on Bay. In the meantime, please keep an eye on this space and on Social Media for specific events.

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Mosque (Singleton Campus)

Location: on the East side of the Library and Information Centre

Swansea University has an award-winning Mosque on campus which is an integral part of life for most Muslim students on campus.  We have all of the facilities of a modern, well-equipped mosque including:

•    A separate prayer and washing facilities for men and women

•    A meeting room and Islamic library

•    Prayer Timetable

People of all faiths and non-faith groups are always welcome to visit the Mosque at any time

Our campus Mosque is a great way to enable students to mix with and befriend people from all over the world. It is this diversity that makes it such a unique and interesting place to be. The atmosphere of the mosque is also a suitable area for study for both overseas and home students.
Location: on the East side of the Library and Information Centre

Activities organised by the Mosque and the Swansea University Islamic Society include -
•    Jumu'ah Khutbah (Friday Sermons) - a focal point for the Muslim student's week
•    Weekly Study Circles, in English and Arabic
•    Regular sporting and social activities for both brothers and sisters
•    Regular weekend Qur'anic classes for students with children as well as Arabic classes for both Arabic and non-Arabic speakers
•    Monthly lectures and trips to various lectures and conferences outside of Swansea, as well as social trips to attractions across Wales
•    In the fasting month of Ramadhaan the Islamic Society organises iftaar (light food to open the fast) and tarawih (night prayers) throughout the month
•    The society also organises Eid Prayers on both Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha. Different activities are organised for the celebration of the Eids
•    There is access via the Islamic Society to resident Islamic scholars for advice, counselling and guidance
•    Every year we organise Islamic Awareness week on Campus and all our events are open to all students and well as the general public

Swansea University Islamic Society
The Islamic Society is the Muslim Students' representative body within the University
•    Representing the Interests of Muslim students by protecting and promoting their interests within and outside the campus
•    Creating an educational environment as well as a family environment for students
•    Uniting all students regardless of their religion/background so as to promote tolerance and peaceful coexistence
•    Being at the forefront of students' lives and encouraging local dialogue and community cohesion academically, intellectually and socially

Assalamualaikam wrwb – Peace be upon you!!!!!! Welcome to Swansea University Mosque We hope you have a wonderful time with us Inshallah.