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Initial Point of Contact

Swansea University has a large and diverse range of specialist expertise.  To locate specialist help please contact a member of our impact and engagement team, listed in the drop down menus below.

Culture, Arts & Law

Culture, Arts & Law

For Humanities & Social Science related queries, please contact Kate Spiller in the first instance:

Tel: 01792 606587 Email:


College of Arts & Humanities

Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law

Life Sciences & Health

Life Sciences

For Life Science & Health related queries, please contact Dr Ria Chapman in the first instance:

Tel: 01792 513467  Email:


College of Human and Health Science

College of Medicine


Science, Digital & Environment

For Science, Digital & Environment related queries, please contact Rhian Melita Morris in the first instance:

Tel: 01792 606516 Email:


College of Science

Engineering, Manufacturing & Materials

For Engineering, Manufacturing & Materials related queries, please contact Beverley Guess in the first instance:

Tel: 01792 606587 Email: 


College of Engineering

School of Management

Professional Services & Management

For Professional Services, Finance & Accounting related queries, please contact Beverley Guess in the first instance: 

Tel: 01792 606587 Email: 


School of Management

College of Engineering


Please contact one of our Impact & Engagement team who will assist you in locating specialist expertise:

Beverley Guess (College of Engineering and School of Management) - Tel: 01792 606587 Email:

Kate Spiller (College of Arts & Humanitites and College of Law) - Tel: 01792 606587 Email:

Kevin Fernquest (College of Medicine and College of Human and Health Science) - Tel: 01792 513723  Email:

Rhian Melita Morris - (College of Science) - Tel: 01792 606516 Email: