Wheel chair cyclist racing in para-athletic championships

We can help you expand your reach with sponsorship.

At Swansea University our community encourages experimentation and discovery.  Over the last 6 months we have begun to build on this premise by developing ways in which your business can become a part of our University Community.

Whether you are looking to align your brand and business marketing goals through:

  • support and integration within our Student community through Sport and other avenues,
  • reaching out to our many thousand members of staff,
  • taking part and integrating into our ‘Community Outreach’ programs and events,
  • by networking & working with our Business, Research & Innovation teams,
  • sponsoring and taking part in our multitude of Corporate Events,
  • communicating with thousands of our Alumni, old and new,
  • or by aligning your business with other local, national and international organisations.

We have sponsorship and partnership opportunities to meet all of your marketing needs.

The opportunities range from cleverly designed brand awareness campaigns through to highly integrated projects crossing through multi-media platforms.  We can help take your brand from the ‘known to highly spoken about’, from the ‘unknown to the known very well’.

To achieve this to our best ability we must understand your business goals as well as our own. 

To begin your University Sponsorship journey please pick up the phone or drop me a line on:

Rhian Walters – Sponsorship Officer

E-mail: r.a.walters@swansea.ac.uk

Phone: 01792 513627