Santander Entrepreneurships

Santander Entrepreneurships










The Santander Universities Entrepreneurships Awards competition is held annually and has created a leadership and Enterprise mind-set throughout the University community.

Entrepreneurship is of particular interest to Santander and it seeks to promote a culture of enterprise and innovation which is pivotal to collaboration with universities.

With a £1,000 Bursary from Santander, Swansea student Temitope Balogun set up Great Worqs, a unique community for filmmakers and writers to create and collaborate together, whilst utilising a marketplace to distribute films, such as The New Stereotype which “uses fashion and photography to create positive imagery and celebrate the many diverse layers of black life”.

Swansea University Enterprise Manager, Dave Bolton, stated that this is “a great opportunity to showcase and promote the entrepreneurial talent, from both staff members and students, in Swansea University as well as in Wales!”

Santander enterprise competition is open to all students with a viable business idea. The top three entries are awarded a £1,000 bursary from Santander.

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