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Your organisation may be able to take advantage of a number of industry-led funding opportunities to support collaboration and access a wealth of knowledge and expertise at Swansea University.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Knowledge transfer partnerships (KTP) are a UK government part-funded scheme to help organisations access academic expertise to support research and development.

A KTP is a three-way partnership between academia, business and an associate (student - graduate level or higher) - supported by a KTP Advisor to work on a business project/issue.


  • Great opportunity to develop Research & Development in your company
  • For 12 – 36 month R&D projects
  • 70%-50% funding depending on the size of your organisation 
  • You will have to prove financial affordability for the project and outcome commercialisation

(More information: Innovate UK)

SMART Partnership

This funding mechanism acts like a mini KTP for projects between 6-12 months, supported via Welsh Government to encourage knowledge transfer from a University into a business to facilitate research and development projects.


  • Beneficial to new / very small companies
  • Great opportunity to boost knowledge into your company with low commitment
  • For 6-12 month R&D projects
  • Outcomes can be used to support larger KTP projects
  • 50% funded

(More information: Welsh Government)

SMART / sector funding calls

These provide competition led funding calls, supported by the UK Government, to facilitate research and development. They aim to drive productivity and economic growth by supporting businesses to develop and realise the potential of new ideas.


  • Business-led applications
  • 70%-50% funding depending on size of company
  • Sector-specific funding calls and 4 open calls per year

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(More information: Innovate UK)

Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund

This initiative by UK Government aims to bring together academia with Britain’s best businesses to transform how we live, work and move around. By investing in the very best research, development and innovation, it will tackle the major industrial and societal challenges we face today and put the UK in the best position to take advantage of future market opportunities. It is part of government’s £4.7.


  • Business-led applications
  • Supported primarily via Innovate UK
  • Sector-specific competitions around 4 grand challenge areas: Artificial Intelligence and Data / Ageing society / Clean growth / Future of mobility
  • 70%-50% funding depending on the size of your organisation

 (More information: Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund)

Strength in Places Fund

This is a new competitive funding scheme that takes a place-based approach to research and innovation funding, to support significant local economic growth.


  • EOI process – have to be shortlisted to apply for full grant
  • Aimed to support regional strengths for projects £10m-£50m
  • Industry-led and consortia based
  • Aimed to support regional projects with regional partners

(More information: UK Research & Innovation)

Global Challenges Research Fund

£9.3 million competition to trial innovations to tackle global societal challenges in emerging countries. It aims to encourage UK businesses to work with overseas partners to develop new innovations that could help to transform lives in countries that receive overseas development assistance.  

Deadline: midday 13 November 2019

(More information: UK Research & Innovation)

If you'd like to find out more please contact our Business Engagement team.