Current and Recent Research Group Personnel

Academic staff


Prof. Graeme Hays        Dr Victoria Hobson        Dr Adrian Gleiss



Dr Sabrina Fossette     Dr Gail Schofield


Ph.D students


    Steph Hinder            Becky Scott           Nicole Esteban


Recent staff and research students

Dr Jon Houghton (2002-2008)

Dr Sandra Hochscheid (2004-2006)     

Dr Clive McMahon (2004-2006)

Dr Annette Broderick (1998-2003)
Dr Brendan Godley (1998-2003)                NERC Fellow from 1 April 2002


Andrea Agnesino (2007-2008)

Tom Doyle (2003-2007)

Fiona Glen (1999-2003) 

Victoria Hobson (2004-2008)

Jon Houghton (1998-2002)

Martin Lilley (2006-2010)

Corinne Martin (1999-2003)

Andy Myers (2002-2006)

Gail Schofield (2006-2008)



Career development

The group has been instrumental in the career development of young scientists. Ph.D students have quickly moved onto post-doctoral positions while post-docs have been employed continuously for long periods, moving onto fellowships and permanent posts. Profiles of some present and recent staff appear below.


Dr Annette Broderick

Annette joined the group in 1998 after completing her Ph.D at the University of Glasgow in 1997. She was initially employed with Brendan Godley on a Darwin Initiative DETR grant to assess the status of green turtles at Ascension Island and has subsequently been employed on a series of FCO and DEFRA grants. During their time in Swansea, Annette and Brendan have also had two children and in September 2003 the family moved to the University of Exeter campus in Falmouth, England.


Dr Fiona Glen

Fiona joined the group in 1999 as a research assistant and ran our Darwin Initiative funded in project on Ascension Island for one year while Annette Broderick was on maternity leave. In addition Fiona ran the turtle project in Northern Cyprus. After completing her Ph.D in 2003, Fiona took up a post-doctoral position with Professor Nicholas Mrosovsky at the University of Toronto, Canada.


Dr Brendan Godley

Brendan joined the group in 1998 after completing his Ph.D in Glasgow in the same year. He was initially employed on a Darwin grant (DETR) along with Annette Broderick and Fiona Glen, to assess the status of green turtles at Ascension Island. Subsequently Brendan worked as a post-doctoral research assistant on a NERC grant to examine the diving behaviour of turtles using data loggers and satellite transmitters, before securing a NERC Fellowship in 2002. In September 2003, Brendan moved to the University of Exeter to take up a lectureship.


Dr Jon Houghton

Jon completed his Ph.D within the group in 2002 having worked with loggerhead turtles in Greece, loggerheads and greens in Cyprus and hawksbills in the Seychelles. He then worked as programme manager on a 3-year project funded by the European Union to look at the population size, origin and behaviour of leatherback turtles in the Irish Sea, before moving on to post-doc positions on grants from DEFRA and NERC. In 2008 he took up a lectureship in Queens University Belfast.


Dr Corinne Martin

Corinne completed her Ph.D within the group in 2003 having conducted fieldwork with green and loggerhead turtles in Cyprus, green turtles at Ascension Island and leatherbacks in French Guiana. Corinne subsequently worked within the group on a DEFRA funded project to assess the status of turtles in the British Overseas Territories before moving to Christ Church University College (Canterbury, UK) where she is working as a post-doc before taking up a lectureship.


Dr Andy Myers

Andy's Ph.D work focussed on the movements and diving behaviour of leatherback turtles in the Caribbean. During his Ph.D, Andy published papers in Nature, Animal Behaviour and Limnology and Oceanography; Methods. Upon completing his Ph.D he took up a post-doctoral position at the University of New Hampshire (USA).





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